Gayoung Lee

Gayoung Lee joined PartnerCentric as an Affiliate Marketing Analyst in February 2015. Her duties consisted of assisting with in-depth data analysis, reporting, recruitment campaigns, and affiliate communications to help our team grow affiliate programs on behalf of our clients. She started diving into more client facing service roles in June 2017 as an Associate Account Manager. Her best interests have always been delivering better service and being a great team player. She is always excited to bring opportunities and run recruitment/optimization campaigns successfully for clients to their business.

Before PartnerCentric, Gayoung was a marketing manager in an exhibition and convention center for two years and a director at a private school for seven years in South Korea before she moved to the U.S. to receive her MBA.

In her spare time, she enjoys taking photos, gardening, and is proud to say that she is a hardcore animal lover.

Associate Account Manager