Sideshow: Orders Increased + 250% by Acquiring New Customer and Optimizing the Best Partnerships

Key Takeaways

Leveraged PartnerCentric’s FUSE Incrementality™ Index to meticulously select partners for Sideshow’s affiliate marketing program. Exceeded Sideshow’s ambitious new customer acquisition KPIs

The PartnerCentric’s FUSE technology corrected misattributions within the affiliate network, preventing wasteful spending and improving ROI

FUSE analyzed the conversion power of different influencers to determine the strongest  partners. Spending was strategically allocated to drive success. 

Sideshow Acquires New Customers and Better Partners


Known for its licensed and proprietary collectibles, Sideshow sought to maximize its affiliate marketing program potential, specifically focusing on new customer acquisition and partnership efficacy. Sideshow tasked PartnerCentric with overhauling its affiliate channel to expand reach among untapped fans.  

PartnerCentric applied its patented FUSE technology and FUSE Incrementality Index to rebuild Sideshow’s affiliate program by  identifying high-value affiliate partners and measuring the conversion power of influencers. Multifaceted incrementality data assessed new customer acquisition, purchase funnel influence, and reactivated purchase paths to drive comprehensive, data-driven decision-making in order to optimize marketing strategies. 

By integrating affiliate performance data with Sideshow’s own internal analytics, PartnerCentric advocated for two concurrent program elements necessary to achieve the growth needed to meet Sideshow’s performance goals: Expand reach to core fans, while partnering with specific influencers most likely to deliver. While these goals had been in place before, the data to make these determinations was unavailable, carrying risk in this proposed investment.


PartnerCentric applied its patented FUSE technology, and the FUSE Incrementality™ Index, to bring transparency to truly incremental sales results which had often been misattributed. This clean data revealed an unbiased view of customer activity and influencer performance in Sideshow’s digital customer journey. 


The Right Influencers:

Our FUSE technology identified a gap between influencers who drove high rates of engagement, but low conversion to a sale. By identifying this gap, programs were developed to specifically address the moment on the buyer journey where engagement lagged behind conversions, allowing the team to address this gap with additional promotional activity. By evaluating the incremental impact of each affiliate, the FUSE Incrementality™ Index played a crucial role in building deeper relationships with  those partnerships that would successfully broaden Sideshow’s reach to new audiences, especially among its dedicated fanbase.

The standout feature of FUSE is its ability to correct misattributions within the affiliate network. By accurately attributing affiliate sales activity, Sideshow realized a more strategic and equitable commission structuring with their partners. This alignment ensured that Sideshow’s affiliate investments focus on partners who truly drive customer acquisition and contribute to brand growth.

  • Gamer Wario’s Giveaway: PartnerCentric’s strategic analysis of influencers for Sideshow focused on new customer attraction, avoiding the trap of rewarding repeat business. Combining the FUSE Incrementality™ New Customer Acquisition Score with organic session data, it was revealed that influencers who were effective at driving engagement were not always those who could compel conversion to a sale. This gap underscored the opportunity to enhance new customer conversions through targeted tactics like exclusive coupons and giveaways. Utilizing incrementality data, Sideshow was able to optimize its investment in those  influencers proven to attract new customers. Upon our recommendation, Sideshow moved forward with hardcore gamer, Wario64, for a Batman collectible giveaway and coupon to dedicated 1.1M Twitter followers to render results that Sideshow had never seen before.


Finding New Customers

The second insight was derived from mining successful programs in similar verticals across the PartnerCentric portfolio of brands in order to isolate those with demonstrated success in new customer acquisition. 

  • CapitalOne’s New Customer Code: When looking at FUSE Incrementality™data benchmarked across new partner categories and for marketers in similar verticals, CapitalOne’s Shopping consistently drove incremental growth.  This presented the perfect opportunity to provide Sideshow with high-volume reach to align with their broader business goals.  In October 2023, PartnerCentric implemented a new customer-focused campaign aligned with Sideshow’s customer acquisition goal to yield remarkable results.


Sideshow’s newly revamped affiliate marketing program exceeded its ambitious key performance indicators (KPIs), setting a new benchmark for success in digital marketing campaigns for the brand.

  • Sideshow’s engagement with Wario64 in July of 2023 for a six-day giveaway to his 1.1M followers drew over 1700 entries, which led to a +250% in orders and a nearly 780% increase in revenue YoY with just that giveaway.
  • In October, insights derived from the technology presented integration with CapitalOne Shopping that resulted in a +50% revenue MoM and a +103% New Customer Acquisition Score MoM

“PartnerCentric’s data-driven approach, fueled by its proprietary technology, not only brings new opportunities to the table but also provides a sightline into how to value all aspects of a partnership. Working with PartnerCentric aligns with our forward-thinking strategies and arms us with the competitive advantage needed to positively impact program growth and our overall business.”

– Chris Pirrotta, VP of Marketing, Sideshow

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