Team-Driven, PartnerCentric

We build meaningful and valuable relationships on a strong internal foundation. We are a team of seasoned marketers, industry experts, and strategists—but, most importantly, we’re a team.

Who We Are

We come to you with over a decade in the performance marketing space and when it comes to strategic program growth for our clients, we’ve seen it, we’ve scaled it and we’ve conquered it. The word partnership is everything to us. It’s how we grow and how we help our clients. Only by being partner-centric, can we ensure that our clients are getting the best possible solutions. We have over 60,000 partnerships and work across 17 different platforms to get you results. Additionally, we are home to the largest and most experienced team of affiliate program managers in the industry. With an average of 10 years in the space, they have seen and done it all and are ready to fully dive into your program from day one. Due to our years of cultivating meaningful relationships, we have preferred agency status or work closely with some of the largest performance marketing networks including Impact Radius, Pepperjam, ShareASale, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, Rakuten Affiliate Network, Avantgate, Avantlink, PHG, and AWIN among others. When it comes down to it, we want to help you succeed and we know that we can’t do it without you. When you talk, we listen. When you present problems, we present opportunities. And when you tell us your goals, we strive for partnership to achieve success.

“Partner Centric has been a longstanding trusted partner of Impact Radius. The quality of their team, strategy and service delivery is top notch. By focusing on innovative, data driven performance models Partner Centric has achieved consistent profitable growth for its customers and has an impeccable client retention record.”

PIER Values

Our PIER values define us as an organization and as team members. These are the beliefs we live by, and our expectations for each other and our partners. This is what makes us PartnerCentric.


Professional Intimacy

Be approachable, open, and honest with our clients and colleagues. Share knowledge and information freely, and always communicate effectively. Be transparent. Hold no agenda. Always seek to truly understand and be truly understood.


Be adaptable and willing to learn from successes and mistakes that you make and/or witness. Always strive to be better, do better, and exceed the expectations others hold of us, and we hold of ourselves.


Maintain an elevated understanding of the industry and your role, and bring something new to the table to share with clients and colleagues whenever possible. Be an eager student, an active teacher, and a keen practitioner of the skills, know-how, best practices and innovations in the sandboxes we play in.


Embrace those things that you can control and/or influence. Take ownership of your role and bring an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit to all that you do. Employ creative solutions, problem-solving, and big picture thinking to execute with hustle, grit, and determination.

Brand Promises

Our promises to our clients:

Best partners

We will work tirelessly on your behalf, a proven ally exclusively committed to you and your goals. We will be a seamless extension of your team, with the additional value of our unique 360 degree perspective combined with comprehensive industry knowledge. We will always work in YOUR best interest. People don’t partner with us because they understand what we do; they partner with us because they feel understood. This is our promise.

Right implementation the first time

We’ll maximize the success of your program by setting it with technical parameters informed by expert strategy and customized for maximum effectiveness. We’ve launched 200+ integrations over 17 platforms and work to find opportunities that leverage your program’s strengths and mitigate its weaknesses. Whether it be initial launch, program enhancement and improvement, or consolidations and cost savings we come to you with a plan, a purpose, and a seamless execution. This is our promise.

Faster ROI at every phase

Because every client works with a team dedicated to their brand, we excel at delivering a faster return on your investment. We launch programs quickly, grow them strategically and thoughtfully, and always look for ways to optimize effectively. We have enthusiastic clients for 10 years, 5 years and under a year and a toolbox to service them at each of these phases and beyond. We maximize every dollar spent with us to get you the best return for your money. This is our promise.