A luxury Sleepwear brand with a high-end demographic still needs loyalty partners to grow

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Key Takeaways

Cannibalization of other channels by affiliate programs is a concern, but with the right technology and vigilant strategic planning, you can prove attribution of affiliate revenue

By leveraging our industry expertise and case studies from clients in similar verticals, we were able to build trust and overcome the brand’s hesitations about incorporating strategic loyalty partners. This allowed us to grow their program significantly

Loyalty partners targeting can reach a high-end demographic and become a #1 driver in a diverse program, pushing the affiliate channel to a top performer among other marketing channels


Our client, a luxury sleepwear company with a fantastic product and high-end demographic, needed to expand its brand exposure in the affiliate market beyond a single partner. They were hesitant to explore loyalty partners due to concerns about cannibalizing sales from other channels, as they had blacklisted coupon partners.


PartnerCentric’s tech-driven services approach involved cross-functional team collaboration across strategy and partner recruitment and the use of our internally developed Placement Predictor tool, part of Control Suite. This tool compares retail client data and predicts expected ROAS with 95% accuracy, informing paid placements without guesswork. The solution was driven by data, mathematics, and PC’s industry expertise.

PartnerCentric developed a tailored strategy to target the brand’s high-end demographic. Trustworthy card-linked offer providers were recruited along with influencers and content platforms. Sub-affiliates provided new wins through key loyalty publisher sites, card-linked offers, and content wins. Well-known content publishers that matched the profile of this demographic were incorporated through these sub-affiliate networks, while simultaneously blocking coupon and deal publishers to prevent spammy sites.

To address the brand’s hesitations around loyalty partners, PartnerCentric shared case studies, particularly from clients in similar verticals like luxury apparel brand Robert Graham, to build confidence in their proposed strategy. Our team also demonstrated incrementality, which increased the brand’s trust in loyalty publishers.


  • Brand revenue surged by over 600% vs performance under its previous agency 
  • This Brand saw revenue increases that exceeded any in its history
    • A staggering 1,320% increase in revenue YoY
    • Program growth of 1000% in 2 quarters
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