July 26, 2023

Can You Truly Define Which Affiliate Partners Drive Incremental Growth?

In the high-growth world of partnership marketing, the inquiry most often posed is: “Which partners will create truly incremental growth?”

In a space where legacy data sets can cause confusion, misattribution abounds, and performance-based commissions are the business model in this sector, it’s no wonder so many are focused on getting a clear read on which partners actually produce incremental revenue as part of a complex marketing mix.

PartnerCentric has taken a unique approach to understanding how affiliates deliver incremental impact. 

The brands we work with always aim to understand how affiliate partners can:

The PartnerCentric Incrementality Index uncovers new opportunities, debunks affiliate marketing myths by eliminating bias and offers a clear view of each partner’s digital purchase pathway impact. When paired with PartnerCentric’s patented FUSE technology, partner commissions will automatically be adjusted to reflect internal analytics and the full purchase path.

Key Benefits for Affiliate Program Optimization

The Incrementality Index helps brands optimize their affiliate programs to gain a better understanding and execution of growth opportunities, enhanced partner recruitment and improved commission strategy.

Identify and Understand Growth Opportunities

By using the Incrementality Index as a “test-and-learn” platform, our account teams can make informed data-driven decisions on new and existing partners to ensure all partners are providing value and growth. 

Improved Partner Recruitment

It’s a well known fact that the right partnerships can increase ROI and growth for a strong affiliate program. Our teams are able to scan the Index for partners that have proven incrementality and add them to the program. This ensures there is ongoing program growth with incrementality as the driving measure and KPI. 

Improved Commission Strategy

Pair the Index with PartnerCentric’s patented technology, FUSE, to understand where there are attribution discrepancies and opportunities for cost savings in your program. Fuse automatically eliminates “commission waste” so our teams are able to reallocate dollars to incremental partners who will produce the highest ROI. 

Benchmark Incrementality Power Ranking Report

In the PartnerCentric Incrementality Power Ranking report, an in-depth assessment focuses on the Top 5 partner categories and partners by Incrementality Score. This evaluation tool serves as a valuable asset for both in-house and agency marketers as it aids in discovering overlooked partners that could potentially offer substantial contributions to their affiliate marketing efforts and site-wide business expansion.

As holiday planning is already underway, we’ve identified unique opportunities for DTC brands to consider as they look to optimize their marketing investments in the crucial holiday season ahead. Read the full Incrementality Power Rankings report here to see the categories that have emerged as leading incrementality drivers. 

The findings from this inaugural Incrementality Power Rankings Report highlight the immense potential and dynamic opportunities available in affiliate marketing. The insights gleaned underscore the necessity of regular analysis of affiliate partnerships using an adaptable approach that can account for evolving market conditions and changes in consumer behaviors.

Ultimately, there are actionable insights and untapped potential within the affiliate marketing sphere that can provide marketers with powerful tools to refine their strategies and make the most of their investments. As we advance, the Incrementality Index will undoubtedly be a key asset in navigating the complexities and possibilities of affiliate marketing.

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