November 25, 2019

Impact and PartnerCentric Juice Up Vitamin World's Partnerships for Healthy Savings and Rapid Growth



Vitamin World was concerned about the escalating cost of their affiliate program. The amount of money they spent on network fees was making their affiliate channel inefficient, affecting their ROI.

This inefficiency prevented them from focusing on discovery and recruitment efforts to scale the channel, which they wanted to do-their time was taken up with pulling reports and numerous other manual activities, keeping them from developing a full-fledged program strategy.


By working with PartnerCentric, Vitamin World transitioned their program away from the networks to full-scale partnership automation using Impact's Partnsherip Cloud (PC). Automation allowed Vitamin World to achieve the efficiencies they sought, freeing up their time and money needed to grow their base of partners.

PartnerCentric and Impact's PC enabled Vitamin World to identify and cultivate strategic "beyond-borders" partners, such as employee benefit sites and new relationships with international shopping partners, which supported their global expansion efforts.

About Vitamin World

Vitamin World offers a variety of quality discount vitamins, supplements, herbs, and beauty products for healthy living. Our clients are encouraged to discover their best self with must-have multivitamins, affordable supplements, and sports nutrition deals.


"The winning combination of PartnerCentric's strategic management and Impact's Partnership Cloud has allowed us to focus on partnerships, grow our key relationships, and improve Vitamin World's program with efficiency and significant cost savings."
Lindsey Minton, Senior Manager, E-commerce at Vitamin World


Since partnering with PartnerCentric and migrating to Impact, in just one year, Vitamin world saved a startling six figures (more than $100,000) in network fees and grew their program rapidly.

In 2018 alone, ParnerCentric secured 40 new productive publishers to manage within the Partnership Cloud platform. Their employee benefit partners resulted in a 78% YoY growth in that vertical. Efficiency increased as well, with a 48% YoY reduction in CPC. Upon affiliate migration, Vitamin World increased revenue by 36%.

Vitamin World also enjoyed other significant benefits, such as amassing $9K savings by rejecting backlisted coupons-something that they were not able to track while fully dependent on their legacy networks.