Jacque Wakim

Jacque joined the PartnerCentric team as a Marketing Analyst in December of 2015 after completing his undergrad in Economics at the University of Texas at Austin. Since then he has held roles in account management and strategy before becoming Technical Services Specialist.  In his current role, Jacque enjoys data analytics, tackling complex account challenges, and coming up with unique solutions to break through industry barriers.

Jacque is on the Finance Subject Matter Expert team at PartnerCentric and provides valuable compliance support to our roster of finance brands including Allianz, LendingTree, Motley Fool, Opp Loans, Petal and Trust & Will. Previously he has supported affiliate programs for finance brands including Avant. Additionally, he has obtained credits for the following courses: Credit Card Regulations for Compliance Professionals, Wall Street 101 (understanding financial services) and Social Media for Financial Services.

In his spare time you can find him lifting weights at the gym, hanging out with his nieces and nephews, playing video games, and traveling to his parents’ native country, Lebanon.



• Credit Card Regulations for Compliance Professionals

• Radius Partner Management

• CJ Ambassador