Stephanie Harris, Founder and CEO of PartnerCentric
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Stephanie Harris

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Harris was PartnerCentric's first employee when she was hired by the founders early in 2006 at a time when the company was just taking shape.

Stephanie Harris is the founder & CEO of PartnerCentric, the largest woman-owned performance marketing agency in the US. A veteran of the space, Stephanie got her start as an award-winning affiliate program manager, personally managing at one time some of the largest programs in the PartnerCentric portfolio today. Her tenure in the industry, and philosophy that in order to lead you have to know how to do every role, has given her a comprehensive view of the industry as well as the ability to propel it forward with vision, talent and drive.

As a working mom with four young kids, Stephanie’s passion for building a strong and supportive culture around work/life balance and the best work-from-anywhere career has led to one of the most sizeable 100% remote workforces in the performance space with close to 50 full-time team members. Inherent in the DNA of the team she’s built is an emphasis on building meaningful relationships beyond borders, which starts at home. She’s most proud of her CEO scores on GlassDoor.

Stephanie Harris has been named a PerformanceIN Top 50 Industry Player two years in a row and has held multiple speaking and moderating engagements at industry conferences such as Affiliate Summit (East and West), CardCon and Capital One’s Women in Business Panel. Her writing has been featured in FeedFront magazine, PerformanceIN and numerous other publications, and you may hear her speak on trends in leadership, culture-building, and the future through social networks such as Forbes Agency Council and LinkedIn.

Stephanie Harris lives in New York with her husband and four children. She’s been loving podcasts these days, and has a regular rotation of “The Daily,” “The Tim Ferriss Show,” “Hardcore History,” “The Growth Show,” and “Freakonomics” in her subscription list. She also loves “Anna Faris is Unqualified” but won’t subscribe to it because she’d stop getting other things done. Her current favorite book is “Mindset” by Carol Dweck and she’s always eager for new recommendations.

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