TopRank: Get Ahead of The Competition

TopRank: Get Ahead of The Competition

TopRank: Get Ahead of The Competition

90% of outgoing traffic consistently comes from the top three positions on ranking and review sites. Don't be left in the dust.

TopRank’s Proprietary Software Tracks Your Competitors and Shows You Where You Stand

With TopRank, you achieve a holistic view of your marketshare in relation to your competitors across all your publishers.

Gain Competitive Insights

Know what your chosen competitors are spending on ranking and review sites

Discover New Areas of Opportunity

Track competitors' market share on publisher pages to make informed investment decisions

Take Control of your Investment

Use data-driven insights to negotiate CPA costs with publishers

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True Competitive Advantage

With TopRank, you will

  • Gain rich insights into where your competition is spending money to rank on publisher sites
  • Understand the impact of your placement on ranking and review sites daily and in real time
  • Follow trends of where and how competitors are ranking to discover areas of opportunity and gain new market share for your brand
  • Discover when and where competitors are releasing promotions so you can plan yours accordingly
  • Be empowered by data to negotiate placement costs with publishers instead of blindly navigating commission spend.

Everything You Need in One Clear Control Center Dashboard

Competitive insights, layered reporting and one easy-to-use interface bring clarity to your investments. With TopRank, you experience true data-driven marketing and will never have to pay a dollar more than what is required to win the day.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say:

Gain a Competitive Edge with TopRank

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