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Meet FUSE: Affiliate Marketing’s first data-driven attribution technology

When internal analytics data from sources like Google Analytics or Adobe doesn’t match the reporting from affiliate platforms and networks, attribution discrepancies can distort insights, waste dollars, and slow growth.

FUSE helps our clients understand these discrepancies and capitalize on opportunities for better affiliate marketing investment. With FUSE affiliate marketing attribution technology, we clarify which partners will  create truly incremental growth so our teams can reallocate dollars for the strongest result.

FUSE helps answer the questions:

“If I invest incremental dollars, which partners will create the best overall return?”

“In a multichannel marketing plan, how can I use data to determine which channels work best to drive growth?”


  • Utilize your analytics to determine spend – you know the value of your traffic
  • Save 36%, on average, and only pay partners for sales that are correctly attributed to the affiliate channel
  • Gain full visibility into all your channels and trust that the money you’re paying publishers aligns with the value you want driven

Biased affiliate marketing reporting stands in the way of accurate attribution, fair commissions, and partners that deliver true value

On average, there is a 30% margin of error between the different attribution systems delivered to brands by affiliate platforms and networks. This means brands spend time and resources aligning measurement sources, second-guessing attribution data and making incorrect investment decisions.

PartnerCentric clients benefit from deeper strategic insights and automated commission payments such as:: 

  • Increased investment with partners who are truly providing incremental revenue to your business
  • Identification of the buyer touchpoints that drive conversions
  • Campaign optimization levers that create net-new customers

 Unlocking Success: The Power of Incrementality in Digital Marketing

Staying ahead of the competition requires a strategic approach. By harnessing the power of incrementality, marketers can optimize campaigns, maximize return on investment (ROI), and drive meaningful growth. As brands explore more sophisticated nuances in performance marketing, basic reporting won’t be enough to win.  

FUSE IncrementalityTM Index and the Fuse IncrementalityTM Power Rankings Report create this definitive source of truth. The FUSE IncrementalityTM Index is poised to revolutionize and deliver irrefutable credibility to partnership marketing, while driving actionable insights for brands. 

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