Better publisher placements start here.

Paid placements help boost affiliate performance by partnering with quality publishers that offer prominent positioning or additional circulation for a fee. That sounds like a viable solution until you consider the range of options, and the meager data on how specific paid placements perform. It takes deep publisher relationships, constant updating of personnel and offers, and detailed performance data to make the right choice for your brand.

For other channels, a brand would demand a quantifiable output before spending resources on paid channels. But, that’s easier said than done in affiliate.

When it comes to paid placements, there are myriad opportunities for you to spend money to try and get a return. The problem is that there are lots of them and they all look great on paper. But, how do you know which one’s going to work for your brand? How can you know your expected return for the additional fee that you’ve decided you want to pay? And how do you select the one that’s really right for your business based on your business model, seasonal considerations, your customer preferences, and what your past data tells you? 

Placement Predictor helps Account Managers Quantify Placement Performance

PartnerCentric has data on every single placement we’ve ever booked for our clients, and that means thousands of placement offers among publishing partners that have been measured for quality and response. The Placement Predictor is designed to leverage all the performance data across all of our clients in our nearly 20-year history so our Account Managers can recommend those that have yielded results across all industries. 

Our Account Managers use this tech to deliver the most actionable paid placements curated for your brand’s needs, quickly and quantifiably.

Placement Predictor helps our managers evaluate the options so you make the best decision for your brand.