May 14, 2020

Performance Marketing Continues to Grow in our Publisher Trends Overview for March vs. April

Tracie Gross
Performance Marketing

As we move into another month with many states still following stay at home orders, affiliate marketing performance continues to increase as consumers are shopping online more, looking for coupons, product reviews, and finding the best deals through publisher sites. Looking at March vs. April 2020 across our entire client portfolio, publisher performance was up 60% Month-over-Month.

Here are some key takeaways: 

Deal and Coupon Sites Are Still Dominating 

  • Deal sites had a great month in April with a +99% increase in revenue as consumers continue to look for Best-of-Web pricing.
  • One coupon publisher saw a +657% increase in revenue after our team worked directly with them to optimize our offer and promotional placements.

Loyalty Holds Steady 

  • Out of the four publisher verticals reviewed (Coupon, Loyalty, Content and Search), Loyalty had the only decrease in commissions Month-over-Month (MoM) as advertisers lowered payouts. 

All About the Content  

  • Content was definitely “King” in April, with the largest increase in revenue (+121%) amongst the other publisher verticals.
  • One niche category where we are seeing big spikes from March to April is with our sneakerhead site publishers, averaging a 133% increase MoM.

Search Continues to Grow    

  • Search partners were up +50% MoM
  • Just like in previous months, we are continuing to see advertisers move their search budget into the affiliate channel and running search on a CPA model, realizing a more effective Return-On-Ad Spend (ROAS).

In our upcoming installment, we’ll look at April vs. May 2020 trends so stay tuned. Want to chat with Tracie? Get in touch.