August 26, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of August 26

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Why Should I Work with an Affiliate Marketing Agency?

The million-dollar question: Should you work with an affiliate marketing agency? We get it. With many opposing viewpoints and endless how-to articles, it's hard to know what is best for your brand. In this post, we break down the difference between managing your affiliate program in-house and the benefits of working with an agency.


Affiliate Management Has Come a Long Way. Are You Still Bringing Your A-Game?

While having strong relationship management skills will always be important, the skill set of an affiliate marketing manager has become much broader. Today, an effective affiliate manager must have experience with media buying, top-notch sales acumen, budgeting expertise, and the ability to strategize against an ever-changing marketplace. So, how does your current manager fare?


Taking A Proactive Approach to Ad Fraud: Steps to Keep Your Program Safe

To provide the most value to you, we want to give you some tips for what to do if you suspect ad fraud within your affiliate program. Download our latest e-book that has information about the types of ad fraud that exist, what you need to look out for, and actionable steps you should take to protect your brand.


Just Because: 50 Cozy Recipes That Feel Like a Hug

The title says it all. For those delicious Fall days that should hit the East Coast in abouttt two months (this heat feels like it's staying put) here are some cozy recipes to try out. Nothing says delight like eating a four-cheese lasagna while people are still swimming outside...in October.


Client Success Shoutout

This large financial brand saw extraordinary year-over-year success in their program
managed by the PartnerCentric team in the first three months:

Month 1: + 524% improvement
Month 2: +491% improvement
Month 3: + 122% improvement

How'd they do it?
Expert recruitment of new strategic partners able to deliver the volume the brand needed to grow.