September 29, 2017

Affiliate Marketing 101: My program is live. Now what?

In parts one and two of this series, you’ve learned the basics of affiliate marketing as well as how to navigate the technology. In part three, we covered what happens during a launch. In this final installment, we will dive deeper into what happens after your program launches.

Once all integrations and necessary setups are complete, our knowledgeable and tenured client services team takes over management of the account. While each client gets a dedicated account manager, on any given day there are 5-6 strategists, compliance experts and analysts working within the account to ensure proper optimization and implementation.

The first six weeks

After the kickoff call with the client, the dedicated account manager and marketing analyst start working on a six-week action plan that covers the following:

During this time, the client is only involved when we ask that they sign off on strategic initiatives that we’re proposing or if we need them to send us necessary creative or deliverables. At the end of the six weeks, there is a comprehensive review set up with the client to go over all of the team’s findings and then recurring weekly calls proceed normally as well as monthly dashboards and Quarterly Business Reviews.

After 90 days and beyond

Once the program has been live for 90 days, an additional review is scheduled with the client to analyze overall performance, insights on performance, what has been working well, what new opportunities exist and what we think can be further improved. We then propose initiatives and strategies to help with growth and optimization based on our research and years of industry experience.

After three months, we sometimes shift or set new goals based on what the client wants to see and whether their priorities shift. Our aim is to fully support our clients so they know that someone is always focused on their program and its opportunities. We work with the client to set up reviews quarterly to continue optimization and hold strategy reviews that dive into the monthly dashboard reports as well as other reporting to track progress.

We are there to answer their questions and provide insights every step of the way because our success is dictated by their success.

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