September 21, 2017

Coming Together for Hurricane Relief


Our reason for existing at PartnerCentric is to build meaningful relationships beyond borders. We pledged a portion of our September retainers to Global Giving's Hurricane Irma Relief Fund and Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund to aid in disaster relief for those affected by this extreme Hurricane season.

We also matched donations that our PartnerCentric team members made. Global Giving, a former beloved client of ours, does an amazing job giving aid directly to the crisis and where it's needed most. As a distributed team, our "family" is all across this country, and our partners, clients, and friends are as well.

The devastation from Harvey and Irma is still being felt in Texas and Florida so if you would like to donate, we encourage you to do so by joining us here:



We send our deepest sympathies to those who are trying to rebuild after these awful events.