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Are your affiliate partnerships actually driving incremental revenue?

The partnership marketing industry has lacked a unified standard for assessing which affiliate partners, content creators, and publishers deliver true incremental growth.

PartnerCentric’s FUSE Incrementality™ Index technology and the Fuse Incrementality™  Power Rankings Report establish a definitive source of truth in performance marketing. As the industry’s first data-driven, partner-agnostic incrementality measurement and optimization solution, it delivers irrefutable credibility to the partnership marketing industry, while driving actionable insights for brands.  

What the FUSE Incrementality™ Index Delivers

Accurate ROI Assessment 

The FUSE Incrementality™ Index provides an more accurate assessment of the return on marketing investments. By isolating the impact of specific marketing activities, businesses can identify the channels and tactics that truly contribute to conversions or desired outcomes, ensuring better allocation of resources.

Optimized Marketing Strategies

The FUSE Incrementality™ Index helps marketers optimize their strategies by focusing on what drives growth. By identifying the most effective channels, creatives, targeting options, or even specific customer segments, campaigns can be fine-tuned to achieve maximum impact and efficiency.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Accurate and unbiased incrementality analysis enables marketers to better understand the customer journey and the touchpoints that drive conversions. This knowledge allows for personalized and targeted marketing efforts that resonate with customers, leading to improved user experiences and higher conversion rates.

Data-Driven Decision Making

The FUSE Incrementality™ Index provides data and statistical techniques to measure the true impact of marketing efforts. By basing decisions on concrete evidence rather than assumptions or intuition, businesses can make informed choices that drive results and avoid wasteful spending. 

“At West Marine, we are boaters serving boaters. It’s important to our current and potential customers that we are accessible and informative where and when they need us the most. PartnerCentric’s Incrementality Index aligns with our data-driven approach to marketing investments and creates the opportunity for affiliate marketing to be a discovery engine that could positively impact all of our digital marketing channels and drive the business forward.”

Dan Stone, Director of Customer Acquisition, West Marine.

As part of the FUSE Incrementality™ Index technology launch, PartnerCentric has published the first Fuse Incrementality™ Power Rankings Report uncovering the industry’s leading categories and partners creating real growth. 

  • Buy Now Pay Later, slated to garner payment values of $125B by 2027 according to eMarketer, outpaced other categories in the June 2023 Power Rankings with an incrementality Index Score of 70%.
  • Content Creators & Digital Content Publishing, which will grow at a compounded rate of 6.3% by 2030 according to Market Research Future, saw an Incrementality Index Score of 67% in June of this year.
  • The Incrementality Index clearly demonstrated that a score improves nearly 100% when supporting media advertisements are present, confirming the benefits of a multi-pronged marketing strategy.

The FUSE Incrementality™ Index, a transformative marketing technology and service, brings a data-driven understanding of affiliates’ incremental impact through a combination of measures, including the: 

  • Unique ability to create new customers relative to existing customer transactions.
  • Influence on early to mid-stage purchase funnel interactions.
  • Power to reactivate stalled or dormant purchase paths.

These factors are combined into a clear and actionable score that uniquely harnesses a brand’s own back-office analytics to ensure alignment with other marketing channels, to eliminate self-reporting bias and paint a holistic picture of what is moving the business forward. 

¹PartnerCentric’s Incrementality Power Ranking is an ongoing reporting function. For this particular study, data has been aggregated and anonymized across 12 beta clients over the period of June 1st, 2023 – June 30th, 2023. The partners analyzed had to participate in at least 10,000 unique sessions as defined by Google Analytics during the reporting period.

“Transparency and accountability have never been more important as the boundaries of affiliate marketing continue to blur with other marketing channels, such as influencer and public relations. Over the years, marketers have been in the dark as to which affiliate partners truly create incremental lift. We built the FUSE Incrementality™ Index and patented FUSE technology to debunk affiliate marketing myths, offer a clear data-driven view of each partner’s digital purchase pathway impact and deliver actionable and automated commission opportunities across all channels of influence.”

Stephanie Harris, CEO & Founder, PartnerCentric.

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