Retail Success with Affiliate Marketing

Key Takeaways

New partnerships yielded $1M in incremental revenue for this retail brand looking to expand publisher partnerships

Reframed commission strategies are at the heart of efficient growth at lower cost

Optimized paid placements and content strategies work together to drive program ROI


A mature brand looked to the affiliate channel to drive incremental growth without increasing their overall Cost Per Sale (CPS). What worked for them in the channel at the outset wasn’t driving the growth they needed. They were looking for strategic solutions that would expand their publisher partnerships, work more nimbly within the Nexus law constraints, and drive more efficient, cost-effective growth.


New strategies were necessary to push through the expected publisher base for this brand. Working with PartnerCentric’s seasoned team, and leveraging its deep publisher relationships, yielded new partnerships.

Because PartnerCentric works with many clients in verticals with regulatory or constraints,, we were able to assign skilled account managers who were able to develop creative initiatives and solutions that allowed the brand to drive the growth they wanted while ensuring that they had a commission structure that paid the right publishers who were truly driving value.

Efficient growth is a common challenge for many brands – driving revenue without increasing costs. The key here was to craft a commission strategy that instituted a very clear and well-defined commission policy that made it much easier for publishers to plan out their strategies and placements in future months, all while reducing overall costs.


  • This brand has realized significant growth while reducing the overall CPS. 
  • Revenue almost doubled every year while the CPS was lowered by over $3.
  • This brand has now engaged with a new group of publishers, enacted a commission structure that is more beneficial to them and their partners, and optimize through paid placements and other content strategies, all of which come together to help the continued growth of the program

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