May 25, 2018

How Strategic Management and Cutting Edge Technology Brings a Rugged, Fitness-Focused Brand to Victory


How Strategic Management and Cutting Edge Technology Brings a Rugged, Fitness-Focused Brand to Victory


When this fitness-focused brand joined the PartnerCentric family, their goals were to decrease cost while increasing revenue. Before working with our team, their commissions were set extremely high and, due to this, these weren't seeing a positive return on investment. Additionally, they wanted to increase the number of productive partners and, in particular, attract very niche fitness partners. PartnerCentric lead a migration to Impact's platform with the goal of consolidating their desparate data and tracking platforms into one efficient technology solution.


PartnerCentric immediately lowered commissions based on the brand's desire to decrease costs while increasing revenue, and we suggested and enabled consistent recruiting and optimization tactics. We also suggested additional ways for the program to earn revenue and made recommendations to add UK sign up purchases to the program. Previously, there was only one commissionable action: Purchasing in the US. We recommended multiple commissionable actions and then worked with the brand's team to determine what they would be. We decided on four commissionable actions: a US signup purchase, a UK sign up purchase, signing up for a course that certifies coaches and instructors on how to teach classes to their gym members to train, and purchasing branded merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies. Moving to Impact gave the brand the tools to create and segment these four separate commissionable actions. They also used Impact's Unique Promo Code feature to prevent certain partners from getting commissions for specific codes (blacklisting), or they can permit one chosen partner to earn a commission for each promo code. In addition, migrating the brand to Impact enabled us to add a product data feed that allowed partners to promote specific products to the brand's merchandise shop.


Because of our strategic initiatives and Impact's tools, in one year, the brand's program saw a 9% average conversion rate increase across all four commissionable aspects of the program. Additionally, their average ROAS increased by 87% that same year. Over two years, ROAS more than doubled. In the same timeframe, the program saw a 29% increase in productive partners and a 36% increase in revenue.

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