August 14, 2023

Previously In-House Clients Average 494% YoY Growth in Revenue after One Month of PartnerCentric Management



Previously In-House Clients Average 494% YoY Growth in Revenue after One Month of PartnerCentric Management

18% of our clients at PartnerCentric launched their affiliate program in-house. The most common pain point these clients share is the budget, time, and expertise needed to successfully grow an optimized and thriving affiliate program.

At PartnerCentric we understand our client's objectives and we develop customized strategies to get results. Our teams have recruited and cultivated long-term partnerships to introduce new opportunities to brands they would not otherwise have. Plus, our account management team has the expertise to produce creative solutions and outside the box marketing opportunities. On average our clients who had in-house programs were previously averaging 30% YoY growth in revenue. By the end of their first month of management with PartnerCentric those same clients averaged 494% YoY growth in revenue. And an average of 353% within the first 6 months.

Our clients with a previously existing in-house program had a monthly average of 38 producing partners in their programs. In the first 4 months of PartnerCentric management we increased that overall average by 73% to 66 producing partners per program every month! A niche client specializing in electronic toys was managing their program in-house. They had been able to recruit a few partners but were struggling to make connections and grow the program with quality revenue-producing partners. Before PartnerCentric their program was averaging 13 producing partners a month. Within the first 3 months of our management we over doubled their revenue producing publishers with an average of 29!

A pain point that our clients with In-house programs often experience is the lack of expertise and connections to find the right opportunities and partners to fit their brand and strategy.

Before PartnerCentric, 98% of the revenue for in-house programs was generated from loyalty, content and coupons. In the first 3 months of our account management those same clients have seen not only an increase in productive publishers overall but also the beginnings of more a balanced and diversified program Including BuyNowPayLater, Retargeting and Conversion Tools partners.

A clothing and apparel client specializing in high end loungewear came to us looking to build and diversify their program. They had found some success with social ads in the past but were struggling to find the right content creators for their brand as well as making connections with the top cashback and loyalty partners. In the first 6 months of management under PartnerCentric we increased revenue from content partners by 69%. And added an additional 26% of revenue from loyalty/cashback and coupon partners.

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