May 28, 2020

Leading Luxe Fashion Brand Sees 627% YoY Increases In Affiliate Channel Revenue During Covid-19


Fashion brand case study infographic

Case Overview: 

A leading luxury fashion brand knew they had to get creative during Covid-19 but because they have a higher-end offering, they wanted to be strategic about their investment. This brand has always respected and encouraged a well-diversified affiliate portfolio, despite being a luxury brand. They understand the value of coupon and loyalty partners but also incorporate content and influencer marketing. By accepting our suggestions to implement a varied marketing mix, they are seeing unprecedented success and growth during an uncertain time.


When Covid-19 disrupted businesses seemingly overnight, our team developed tailored strategies for all clients based on their biggest pain points. For this brand, specifically, our team researched and booked both flat fee placement packages and commission increase opportunities with top-performing partners. While many retailers were pulling back on commission increases, we suggested that they continue and this resulted in higher revenue.

During the “Annual Birthday Week” event with Rakuten, we suggested they provide a higher cashback of 12% and because of this, the brand saw $22,000 in revenue during the event. Additionally, in April and May, they gave a 4% commission increase to any partners that were giving cash back to charity and Covid-relief efforts, which provided additional placement opportunities for us to secure.

Our team is also working with this brand to secure partnerships that will allow them to give back to first responders, teachers and nurses as well as new influencer partnerships to promote specific collections and collaborations.


  • Two of the highest revenue earning weeks ever in this brand’s affiliate program were May 4th through the 10th (up 627% YoY)  and April 27th through May 3rd (up 280% YoY)
  • Before Covid-19, the amount of revenue-driving publishers averaged between 10-15 a week; it has now increased to 20-25 due to our team getting creative with placement opportunities and reactivating publishers that weren’t productive
  • Started a new relationship with a leading price comparison partner in May and have seen a 1615% increase WoW in new revenue
  • The brand is seeing growth numbers that have typically been reserved for November and December in previous years

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