July 25, 2019

Case Study: Goals Consistently Exceeded Through Key Strategic Partnerships For a Financial Services Brand New to Performance Marketing


Case Overview

When PartnerCentric started managing this multimedia financial services company, they were a brand completely new to performance marketing and from day one, the PartnerCentric team has driven the strategy that has exceeded all set KPIs. The brand's main goal was to add more paid subscriptions to their various stock advising and retirement products. They also set a goal for incremental weekly subscription sales solely from the affiliate channel and, on average, we consistently exceed their weekly goal by 47%. Their team is always willing to try new things and embrace our innovative tactics, so they're seeing strong success with a healthy mix of both traditional partners and relevant content sites.


When PartnerCentric first launched this brand's new program and recruited Cartera Commerce, this partner began driving significant subscription sales, so we began to recruit more partners that could successfully drive the same volume. The brand already had some partners they were working with direct (CNN, MSN, etc.), so our team recruited strong, "beyond borders" relationships that would open the brand to new audiences. These relationships included personal finance blogs geared towards millennials like MoneyCrashers and TheDollarBuild. We also looked for new ways to work with publishers, including a partnership with PropelMedia, a cutting-edge publisher partner that allows us to create and drive display ads through the performance channel. 

Additionally, we targeted new finance sites and new types of content sites that aren't as obvious as traditional coupon and loyalty but could still drive significant value where it mattered to the brand. They have many direct partnerships already, and our team sourced the space for strong partnerships and opportunities that they have never considered in order to help them reach their incremental goals. For example, while Consumer's Advocate is a known review site in the space, we began working with them on unique campaigns via paid search in order to first drive traffic, and then switch the payout to a CPA to get subscriptions. Our team is also driving lead-based campaigns via traditional marketing such as email, but on a CPA basis, in order to capture new customers. Finally, by testing innovative marketing campaigns with traditional affiliates (RebatesMe, WikiBuy), we also saw sustainable volume and growth.


The first 3 months of PartnerCentric's management of this brand, their program was up 524% YoY, 491% YoY, and 122% YoY. Our team's successful recruitment of strategic partners made it possible to reach the volume that the brand wanted to see. These new partners, including DealWiki, IMwave, and MoneyCrashers, bring a similar volume to Cartera, which was the highest performing partner previously.

Many other partners have also grown significantly since we recruited them, including iGive (up 4,832% YoY), Wikibuy (up 414% YoY), and WellKeptWallet (255% YoY), further driving the brand's success within the performance marketing channel. 

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