April 5, 2018

Rapid Growth and Increased Service for a Fashion Retailer



This prominent fashion retailer has almost 30 locations all over the East Coast and joined the PartnerCentric family after being previously managed by a digital agency and quickly realizing  strategic affiliate program optimization wasn’t their area of expertise. Since they joined our team, their program has experienced rapid and consistent growth and even moved up from our foundational CorePartner service offering they were utilizing to our full-service solution so they could have a dedicated account manager and team of 6-8 industry experts on their account providing elevated and holistic strategic support and optimization to increase ROAS. Their team particularly wanted to understand where revenue was coming from through proper attribution reporting and they wanted more sales and strategic support and optimization. Additionally, they hoped PartnerCentric could secure strong partnerships with top fashion publishers, a stronger push for compliance, and they requested strategy around holiday planning and securing placements for additional exposure during peak season.


While the brand was on CorePartner, we engaged recruitment of the top 25 publishers in their vertical to ensure they were working with the right partners. Once they saw fast ROI and moved to our full-service offering, we led with a strategic approach to continue to optimize their program. Commission segmentation (breaking down commission that is paid to publishers) has been instrumental in allowing the brand to pay the right publishers for the right traffic and actions and has increased the amount of productive publishers they are working with. Additionally, our dedicated compliance team increased targeted monitoring to eliminate fraud. The brand had offered an evergreen 15% off promotion for years and wanted to remove it but was worried about ramifications. We presented a plan to eliminate it and give deeper promotions in the short term, which worked very well. Because of this, the brand saw 75% revenue growth during the timeframe where there were no “percentage off” codes live. Our team also recruited valuable content partnerships that we knew would prove successful and help them reach their goals.


After moving to full-service, revenue went up 17% and commissions and network fees only increased 3% YoY due to commission segmentation. This means that last click traffic received lower commission rates in order to allow us to allocate increased budget for productive content partners that were driving more traffic and increasing sales. Additionally, we recruited a top social shopping site to the program that quickly rose to be a top 10 publisher for the brand.  We also engaged with a prominent fashion publisher to do a holiday placement for the brand and revenue increased 477% from this placement package alone.


“We have worked with the PartnerCentric team since 2014 and have even increased our service level with them because we have seen success and growth with their strategic management of our program. Because they have cultivated so many strong partnerships, we have been able to work with top publishers for increased ROAS.”


To learn more about how PartnerCentric can strategically grow your business and reach ROI faster through the affiliate channel, contact sales@partnercentric.com.