May 8, 2017

From In-House to Agency Management: Program Growth and Strategic Optimization



We assumed management for this large retail-based client after they had previously been working within the limited bandwidth of an in-house resource. They wanted to see how we could provide substantial growth and optimization through an agency team effort. The primary goals for this advertiser were to see an increase in Year-Over-Year revenue as well as an accurate and precise implementation of Nexus restrictions. Additionally, they wanted us to clean up inactive partners and increase publisher opportunities and optimizations with new and existing partners. Because we leveraged an entire team of experts who are dedicated to each account and who utilized their many relationships in the space, we were able to meet their goals and continue to grow the program successfully.

"Since PartnerCentric re-activated the merchant page for this client on Ebates, the program has seen significant success and a notable increase in traffic. This was a strategic decision that proved to be extremely effective for ROI." –Luis from Ebates


When our team took over management, we developed a strategic plan for optimization. Our first focus was compliance, so we implemented all Nexus restrictions by state and gathered non-solicitation forms for California. We then began testing placements and offering monthly double commission offers on specific product lines. Another successful tactic was to offer affiliate perks such as free products or commission increases in exchange for honest reviews or placements. We also focused on optimizing and increasing the right publishers while removing inactive publishers. Our team sent multiple email campaigns to all publishers, and if there was no response, they were removed from the program. Additionally, we developed a targeted publisher communication strategy in order to build and nurture strong relationships.


After 6 months of utilizing our management, the number of sales increased by 17%, and overall sales revenue grew by 59%. After nine months of management, the number of sales increased YoY by 23%, and sales revenue increased by 74%. Additionally, 30 relevant publishers have taken advantage of the "free product" offer since we introduced it, and we have continued to successfully run this ongoing optimization campaign. Previously dormant publisher relationships, such as Ebates, were re-activated and saw significant growth. Since we took over management, Ebates sales for the client have totaled $244,715. Finally, 5,205 inactive partners were removed from the program within the first year.