June 21, 2017

How Does Working with PartnerCentric Save me Money?

When you work with a performance marketing agency like PartnerCentric, you are paying for more than performance. You are paying for the strategic insights of a team that has over 100 years of combined affiliate marketing experience. As a proactive, strategic, and results‐oriented agency, we deliver an engaged team on an ongoing basis and not just during the ʺhoneymoonʺ period. This also translates to cost-savings. We are always looking to save our clients money while increasing revenue, whether a program has just started or has been with us for many years.

What resources do I get for my brand?

Full-service clients get affiliate management with internal teams that are 100% dedicated to their brands. Services include but aren’t limited to: short/mid/long term strategy planning, data collection and reporting, data analysis, migration, technology integrations and ongoing support, feed management, recruitment (domestic and international), negotiations, cost analysis, competitive intel reporting, commission segmentation, coupon controlling, margin protection, influencer REACH campaigns, cross-channel partner diversification, mobile strategy, site-to-store, program marketing, conversion rate analysis, affiliate partner communications, recurring calls, in-person meetings, quarterly business reviews and annual reviews. Our teams work together seamlessly to ensure that your program is running optimally.

We are always looking for ways to save you money through commission negotiations and cost analysis. Additionally, by working with one of our SaaS platform partners, we can both save you money on fees and also grow revenue with a long-term approach.

The right growth

When advertisers work with cheap agencies, growth may be achieved using strategies that are not in the best interest of your brand. Rather, the focus can become one of quick, not smart, growth as increased program revenue results in increased agency revenue under this model. PartnerCentric ensures that your program grows in a healthy and cost-effective way. We protect margin and negotiate every dollar spent.

Where do I see cost savings?

Our goal is to gain the greatest return for each dollar invested in the affiliate channel by our clients. PartnerCentric’s brand promise is consistent delivery of high-touch, client-centered, expert work in affiliate program management. Clients typically reach out to us with concerns about the efficacy of the transactions through the channel, when internal resources for relationship management are stressed, or they are uncertain about the best way forward in an ever-changing affiliate marketplace and need a trusted advisor.

The online marketing landscape continues to evolve and with that comes new ways to control affiliates real-time commissions. Our Tech team is diligent in identifying new trends and tools to leverage, which goes hand-in-hand with our strategic recommendations. For instance, advertisers are able to customize criteria around promotional code use, multi-channel referrals, and even withhold commission on referrals that occurred after the customer added items to the shopping cart. This “First To Cart” tracking technology not only reduces expenses, but further supports niche content sites who may have referred the customer initially but often lose out of last-click based commission tracking. We also have the ability to build out custom commissioning schemes based on almost any data point. A portion of money saved through enhanced tracking technology may be reinvested in paid placements that drive incremental sales and get new customers.

A benefit of partnering with one of the most tenured agencies in the business, with the most experienced team in the industry, are our best-of-web and bulk-rate-buying placement capabilities. Not only do our clients get the best rates available on placements and buys, but the placements are customized to work in tandem with affiliate partners for quality exposure. Affiliates will often reach out to PartnerCentric first about remnant inventory, last minute placements, and guides because of our deep relationships. We work with our partners every day in every way.

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