April 16, 2018

REACH a Broader Audience Through Referral Marketing

When was the last time you were convinced and enticed to purchase something because your friend raved about it or a micro-blogger wrote fervently about all of its benefits? Or were you ever convinced to sign up with a service because your friend referred you and gave you a promo code? According to a Nielsen survey, 82% of Americans say they seek recommendations from friends and family when considering a purchase. More and more brands are utilizing referral as a part of their marketing mix because there is nothing more powerful than receiving recommendations from trusted sources.

They Like You! They Really, Really Like You!

That’s right! They talk about you at work or over dinner, and might even post about your brand on Facebook or Pinterest when they share what they bought or what they signed up for. And, their colleagues, friends and family take note! Who are these people? They are everyday people that, more than likely, are existing customers or business partners that have had a positive experience with your products or services. Often called micro-influencers, this is a satisfied group that is willing to share information and refer their friends to your company.

Why Referral Marketing?

By appropriately tracking and rewarding your advocates’ referral activity, you can further expand your bottom-line by tapping into the power of their voices to build an even stronger community of brand fans and, ultimately, gain new customers. How can you leverage referral marketing for your brand?

What’s the Process?

Based on your needs, we determine the best tracking technology for your program and offer complete management services. These include full program integration, setup and launch. Additionally, we strategize on structure and reward levels and work with you to identify and recruit advocates and develop advocate messaging. Finally, we measure, optimize and grow the program based on KPIs and success metrics that are set at the beginning of the engagement. Our team is there with you every step of the way.

Ready to REACH a new audience? Get in touch so that we can give you a quick introduction on how you can tap into the power of your brand fans to refer new customers. Contact sales@partnercentric.com.

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