July 10, 2018

PartnerCentric Loves Our Publisher Partners


Multiple times a year, PartnerCentric sends out a Net Promoter Score survey to our team, our clients and our publishers. This allows us to gauge how we’re performing as an organization and it helps us build and strengthen the meaningful relationships we have with our valued partners.

We are proud to announce that we had an excellent response to our publisher NPS survey and received a score of 69. This puts us on par with companies like Amazon and Netflix in terms of providing excellent service and support.

To thank all the publishers who filled out this survey, we held a raffle for a $100 gift card and Tracie Gross, our Associate Director, Partner Success, enlisted the help of a few new interns (her adorable twins, James and Isla) to choose the winner.

Congratulations to Brooke Weintraub at Ibotta for winning the prize and thanks to all of our wonderful publishers who participated. Your feedback is so important to us and we love working with you all!

Going to ASE? So is our team!

Reach out to Tracie.Gross@partnercentric.com to set up a meeting. Hope to see you there!