August 14, 2018

We Love Working at PC: PartnerCentric Earns Employee NPS Score of 92

It’s not a secret that we love working at PartnerCentric. A simple Glassdoor search shows how much we value the environment we work in and the clients and team members we get to work with. It’s certainly no easy feat to create a strong culture when everyone works remotely 100% of the time but our owner and CEO, Stephanie, works really hard to make sure that a strong culture is a crucial tenet of our existence. We’ve mentioned before why working as a remote agency benefits both our clients and our team but this becomes even more apparent when it’s validated in the most meaningful way. We are thrilled to say that our employee Net Promoter Score is 92 out of 100. This score illustrates a very important point: That our mission of building meaningful relationships beyond borders truly starts at home with each other.

We asked PC team members to give us some insight into why they love working here and below are just some of the answers we received:

“Even though we’re a remote company, every day I feel like I’m working with my family! Location is not a border for PartnerCentric!” – Tracie Gross, Associate Director, Partner Success | Philadelphia, PA

“I appreciate the flexibility and commitment from everyone. We all step in to make sure answers and support are delivered regardless of the timezone or location.”  -Don Keefe, Product Manager | Buellton, CA

“I like that I have control over the the temperature of my office…and that no one can judge me when I am wrapped in a blanket.”  -Erinn Groh, Affiliate Program Manager | Long Island, NY

“I love that there is so much support, respect and collaboration between every single person in the company from top to bottom. “Borders” between management levels and different departments don’t exist, and I enjoy being able to work, talk and laugh with everyone on the team at the touch of a button. I learn something new every day and it is very motivating. Not to mention, the commute is awesome.”  -Courtney Vanpraag, Marketing Analyst | Denver, CO

“What I like most about working at PartnerCentric is that it is family-centric first and foremost! I love that not only I do not have to give up my career that I am good at but I also get to enjoy random, fun moments with my children throughout the day as well.”

-Meghan Garcia, Manager, Team Success | Austin, TX

“I love the pet-friendly work environment! It’s great that it’s ‘Bring your Pet to Work’ day every day and that we even have Slack channels devoted to sharing photos of our pets!”  -Kayla Castro, Associate Affiliate Program Manager | Santa Monica, CA

“I love that while we are remote company we still find ways to bring everyone together. I love the silliness in our company-wide chats, the friendliness when a new employee comes on board, and the buddy system that falls into place when anyone needs help on a project. Even though we only meet in person once or twice a year, I do feel close to my coworkers and leadership.”  -Alley Pappenberger, Sales Enablement Specialist | Sacramento, CA

“I have worked the typical 8:30-5:30 office job and spent 40+ hours a week with a team and I never before felt the level of support, encouragement and faith in me that I have experienced at PartnerCentric. From day 1 I have felt so valued both personally and professionally and I know that so many people go through their entire lives working and never get to have that experience. I have seen this team step up to help during illness, loss, natural disasters, etc. and in celebration for engagements, home purchases, births, etc. It is a huge blessing to know that when life happens your colleagues are there to lift you up. I am so thankful to be part of this team. I hope to be at PartnerCentric for a very long time.” – Dana Pezzin, Marketing, Graphic Design | Orange County, CA

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