September 14, 2018

PartnerCentric Shortlisted for Industry Choice of Agency at the International Performance Marketing Awards


We are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for “Industry Choice of Agency” at the IPMA’s. These peer-nominated awards mean so much to us because they represent the satisfaction our partners and clients have with our work on their behalf.

By breaking through any roadblocks, our team helps you reach success as you define it. We believe in giving our customers the control, the power, the flexibility and the freedom to create the relationships that are most meaningful to their business and that deliver the most impactful results.

If you’re a client, a partner, a vendor or anyone else who loves and appreciates the PartnerCentric team, please cast your vote today!

How We’re Different

The PartnerCentric team goes beyond the limitations of your business, and of our space, to employ customized technology solutions and creative problem-solving strategies that connect you to the best partners while ensuring right implementation the first time, and helping you reach the fastest ROI. It’s in our DNA. Being a fully-remote organization is not a byproduct or side note, but what enables us to do what what we do, and do it better than anyone else. We devote all our time to virtual relationship-building and collaboration with each other so that there is no one better in the world than this team to build strategic and mutually-beneficial relationships for you.

First Movers

We don’t just talk about the industry, we create the industry. We are proud to say that we were the first agency in the space to become a fully remote organization, we were the first to have “boots on the ground” internationally, the first to move to industry-disruptive technologies like SaaS and the first to offer influencer services.

In-House Technology Team
We are the ONLY performance marketing agency with a dedicated in-house affiliate technology team. The PartnerCentric technology team has been called the leading technology team in the affiliate industry and are responsible for implementing many of our innovative strategies.  

Industry Leading
Received 2018 Agency of the Year Pinnacle award from Affiliate Summit West, and 2017 and 2018 Agency of the Year finalist nominations from major networks including Rakuten Affiliate Network and CJ Affiliate.

Employee Expertise and Happiness
Our employees are happy with an amazing culture and employee retention and our remote infrastructure supports meaningful relationships (both within our organization and outside of our organization). This remote culture and infrastructure puts us at an advantage. After all, we are hired to build relationships with affiliates near and far, so who better than us since we self-select to do it every day with each other?

We’re Privately Held and Woman-Owned and Operated
We operate on revenue from successful programs - no investment funding. We are always evolving and developing new tools and advancements to benefit our customer base. No matter how long a client has been with us (and some have been with us since we started over a decade ago) we never stop presenting creative and innovative opportunities.

Network Agnostic
Unlike most competitors, we are network/tech agnostic and thus recruit from the entire affiliate landscape. We also pride ourselves on our ability to provide strategic, goals-based technology recommendations for our customers’ evolving business models.

Client Satisfaction Across the Board
After taking on clients that have left other leading affiliate agencies or network managed services, our customers communicate their satisfaction with the level of strategic management and innovative thinking they experience with us.

Cast your “Industry Choice of Agency” vote for us by September 26th!