January 26, 2022

You’re on a Great Affiliate Marketing Tech Platform. Now What?

Man typing on laptop and drinking espresso

It’s true that a great technology platform gives you a solid, reputable home for your program and access to high-quality affiliate partners. 

Those are two really important things.

But guess what. A great tech platform is only the first step towards maximizing your success in the affiliate channel. By itself, it is not nearly enough to deliver the kind of ROI you want.

Here’s why. 

  • Who you know matters–big time:  Affiliate marketing is a relationship business, and no one has time or money to waste on subpar publishers–or the ones that simply aren’t a good fit for your brand. Access to long-standing and thoroughly vetted connections with the best opportunities for you is the difference between expanding your reach (and revenue) or getting lost in the crowd. 
  • The competition never sleeps: One thing you can always count on? Your competition is just as motivated as you are to gain valuable market share. To stay at least one step ahead of them, you have to know exactly where they are in the affiliate channel, what they’re doing there, how they’re ranking, and how you are, too. Up to 90% of the traffic on review sites goes to the top three positions, which means fourth place isn’t going to cut it. 
  • Your good name is on the line: Partnering with the wrong affiliates–you know, the ones who don’t share your brand values, respect for compliance regulations, or feature inappropriate or offensive content–can pose a real threat to your brand’s reputation. It’s simple, really. You are who you do business with. At the very least, an inconsistent representation of your brand can create confusion and distrust among your prospects and customers–and severely limit your potential growth. 
  • Alignment errors are brutal on the bottom line: When you discover that your internal analytics don’t align with those reported by affiliate platforms and networks, guess who’s responsible? You. That’s right, you are left paying for illegitimate sales and leads. Ouch. 
  • Fraudsters are relentless: The beauty of the affiliate marketing channel is that some of it is automated, but that also presents fraudsters with a prime opportunity to wreak havoc on your program and your ad spend return. The reality is, fraudsters are constantly upping their game to beat the system. If you’re not monitoring your program around the clock and watching your data like a hawk, you’re a prime target. 

You’ve got big goals, and that’s exactly why partnering with the right affiliate agency with the right experience and relationships to help you achieve them is so important. At PartnerCentric, our account managers have the highest experience level in the industry. Over fifteen years, on average. We work across all networks and platforms and have earned the coveted “preferred agency” distinction with most of the large ones. 

PartnerCentric is also the only agency in the industry that combines award-winning account management with our proprietary software tools we call Control Suite. 

Control Suite gives clarity and total control over all of your investments in the affiliate channel through these powerful tools: 

  • Opportunity Discovery–This powerful tool allows us to uncover new and unique publisher opportunities no one else can find to grow your incremental revenue by reaching new audiences. 
  • Top Rank–This placement and position technology monitors brand and competitive ranking activity across a set of publishers. Top Rank gathers the necessary intel for our clients to earn the coveted top spots and leave their competition in the dust.
  • Content Monitoring–A competitive force in messaging management, content monitoring provides invaluable insight into competitor advertising offers and promotional tactics and, simultaneously, ensures brand compliance within the affiliate channel. 🎯 For one client, our content violation tool identified 105 regulatory violations, potentially saving them hundreds of thousands in FTC fines.
  • Fuse–This proprietary and patented PartnerCentric technology aligns affiliate network tracking data with your source of truth (typically Google Analytics, but integration with other technologies is available), eliminating the risk of an expensive margin of error.  
  • Block and Filter–We deploy this fraud detection and redirection technology to help tackle the $23 billion lost annually by advertisers globally due to ad fraud. 🎯 In just one four-month period, Block and Filter prevented 578 fraudulent conversions for one of our clients, which saved them approximately 27% in monthly commission payments.

The affiliate marketing channel has the power to be a scalable engine of growth for your business but only if you commit the necessary resources and manpower towards your program. For every dollar our clients spend, they can see a sevenfold return on ad spend. You can’t expect those kinds of results if you’re just using tech.. 

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