November 4, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of November 4

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Piggybacking the Amazon Effect 

Ever notice something about Amazon? The company doesn’t send out “abandoned cart” emails when you leave something brewing. One could argue, it doesn’t have to. How can you apply the bold success of the “Amazon Effect” to your own business? Total Retail contributor Rick Johnson has some ideas, including keeping customers locked in during checkout, expanding payment options, and building out your online store experience. To get a better understanding of what he means, exactly, read on…



Marketing’s Crystal Ball

How many times have you wished you had a crystal ball to guide your marketing decisions? Oh, if only that were a reality. Yet, there are some conclusions experts have drawn—given marketing’s recent history—that might help marketing leaders navigate the next 10 years. Some of the ones compiled by Think With Google contributor Marianna Nash aren’t actually that far off from what we’re seeing today. For instance, value-first shopping and merging the physical and digital customer experience. An interesting read, nonetheless! 



2023’s Content Marketing Trendsetters 

Content is central to affiliate marketing. It takes various forms, but it really is the avenue through which affiliates work their magic. So, it’s helpful to look at what is trending in content marketing as we move through Q4 into 2023. The Drum analyzes a few, including the rise of audio (aka: podcasts) and influencer marketing. It might be beneficial to consider a “thinking outside the box” approach, especially as more attention is being given to privacy restrictions.



CMO-Turned-Legal Expert?

A CMO didn’t go to school to become a lawyer. Yet, with new and forthcoming data privacy restrictions, they might have to think like one. For example, Sephora recently agreed to pay a $1.2 million fine for (allegedly) violating the California Consumer Privacy Act. That may seem like small potatoes for such a big company, but everything adds up. Marketing Brew, as usual, does a great job of looking towards the future and what this means for CMOs and others in marketing leadership.


Just for Fun: 35 Traditional Dishes You Need For The Ultimate Thanksgiving Menu

Here's my hot take. Some people aim to "try something new" for Thanksgiving and scour the internet for experimental recipes, but for those of us who are purists (please remove your Tofurkey from this table IMMEDIATELY), getting down to basics isn't a bad thing. Enjoy this list of traditional Thanksgiving recipes and definitely take it as a hint that no one is interested in your spicy take on cranberry sauce. Just step away from the horseradish and no one gets hurt. That's all I'm saying.



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