September 15, 2017

Affiliate Marketing 101: Anatomy of a Launch

In parts one and two of this series, you’ve learned the basics of affiliate marketing as well as how to navigate the technology. In part three, we will be covering what happens once you’ve made the decision to work with PartnerCentric.

Getting Started

Immediately after signing a new client, the PartnerCentric tech and client services teams spring into action. If the client has an existing program, the tech team spends time reviewing the client’s site and existing program settings. They look for ways to improve upon what the client is pleased with, and fix what they do not like. Additionally, they ask for existing login credentials to get a full view of what has been done previously to look for immediate areas for improvement.

If the client is starting with a new program, the tech team aims to find out what they’re looking for in terms of tracking solutions. Prior to the kickoff call, a questionnaire is sent to the client whether they have an existing program or not. The questions aim to provide insight into the client’s goals, general information about the brand and what success looks like for them. This ensures that the call is productive and everyone is on the same page.

The Kickoff Call

The tech team, the client services team (including the account’s dedicated account manager and marketing analyst) and the client all join the kickoff call, which is typically set for 60-90 minutes. Because we see ourselves as an extension of the client’s team and brand, the call allows us to begin the process of determining the best practices and strategy for launching a new program or taking an existing program to the next level. The tech team gathers information about current integrations (for existing programs) and gets an idea of what the client would like to improve. For new programs, the tech team gathers information about the proposed integration and what the client would like to implement based on their goals. The PartnerCentric client services team adds insights regarding program strategy and gets a better understanding of what the client’s program needs to grow. At the end of the call, the tech and client services team have the information they need to get started and are able to set the strategy for success.

What Now?

After the kickoff call, both teams determine which tracking platform is most appropriate for the client’s needs if it’s a new program. The tech team then reaches out to secure pricing, proposals and contracts  For an existing program, the tech team conducts pixel tests and reviews the current account settings to ensure everything is in order. Additionally, they ensure that all day-to-day items are set up including reporting. For new programs, the account manager makes sure that all text links, banners and newsletter templates are uploaded to the chosen network and for an existing program, they review all content for quality. Once all necessary integrations are completed successfully, the client services team can take over management of the account.

In the next and final installment of our Affiliate Marketing 101 series, we will cover what can be expected when a program has launched and has been live for a few months.

As always, please contact us with any questions you may have.

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