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Kim Cooper

Affiliate Program Manager

Kim is an accomplished affiliate marketing professional with a wealth of experience and expertise spanning a diverse range of verticals, from fashion to finance. Her journey in the industry started while running her own Italian café, where she discovered the transformative power of affiliate marketing to expand her customer base and drive sales. Intrigued by its potential, Kim embarked on a full-time affiliate marketing career, quickly establishing herself as a trusted advisor to both brands and publishers.

Prior to her current role as an Account Manager at PartnerCentric, Kim held the position of Director of Publisher Development, where she excelled at cultivating strong relationships with publishers, understanding their unique needs, and aligning their goals with brand objectives. Her expertise extended to developing and implementing strategic affiliate programs that generated a surge of traffic, nurtured leads, and ultimately boosted conversions.

Kim lives in Surprise, Az with her husband, three children, three dogs, two cats, and two birds. She loves spending time with her family anytime she gets. She enjoys yoga, pickleball, volleyball, and dancing. She was a former ballroom dance instructor who you will find cha-cha’ing around her kitchen while cooking dinner.