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Erinn Groh

Associate Director of Partnerships

Erinn Groh joined the PartnerCentric team in June 2016 as an Affiliate Program Manager and is now our Associate Director of Partnerships. In this role, she brings innovative and out-of-the-box thinking to our clients and our affiliate partnerships.

She was introduced to and fell in love with affiliate marketing while working at Scholastic back in 2004. From that point on, Erinn developed a strong passion for e-commerce and now carries over 15+ years of experience in the affiliate channel.

Her dedication to the affiliate world became apparent in 2011 when Erinn received the Rakuten Linkshare Golden Link award for Best Affiliate Manager of the Year. Over the next few years, the affiliate programs Erinn managed received additional recognition. In 2012, she was nominated for the Best Offer Strategy Golden Links Award. In addition, the programs she managed were finalists for the Publisher Choice Golden Link Award (2013 and 2015) and Rising Star-Advertiser Golden Link Award (2015).

So, what does Erinn love most about this industry?  “I love that this industry is ever-changing, making it exciting to work each day. It is an industry built on strong communication and relationships. It is wonderful to see so many professionals within the affiliate community working together and learning from one another.”

Erinn lives on Long Island with her husband and their two highly energetic and very silly daughters. In her free time, Erinn enjoys going on outdoor adventures with her girls, getting her hands dirty in the garden, running (sometimes in mud), painting and just being creative.