Affiliate Marketing White Papers & E-books

Put simply, a white paper is a report that is meant to help you. A white paper can help you understand an issue such as affiliate nexus tax legislation. It can also help you solve a problem such as how to protect your brand while opening it open to promotions from affiliate marketers. PartnerCentric provides affiliate marketing white papers as needed to help educate and inform the affiliates and merchants with whom we work. We hope you find these white papers useful.

E-book: Affiliate 101

Our four-part Affiliate Marketing 101 series in one convenient e-book. In parts one and two of this series, we cover the basics of affiliate marketing as well as how to navigate the technology. In part three, we discuss what happens during a launch and in the fourth and final installment, we dive deeper into what happens after your program launches. Check it out!

E-book: Grow for the Holidays

Stressing about reaching your EOY e-commerce goals? We’re here to help! Download our latest e-book for actionable ways to maximize your efforts for program growth this holiday season with proven tips from just some of PartnerCentric’s tenured affiliate program managers. Enclosed you’ll also find an offer for a FREE holiday audit. Get your copy now!

2019 Nexus Internet Sales Tax Reform Update

Confused about all the moving pieces related to the sales tax reform? We have worked in conjunction with our legal counsel to prepare this updated list of nexus legislation and activity in each state.