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Buy Now Pay Later & Content Creators Drove Highest Incremental Growth

Leading independent partnership marketing agency, PartnerCentric, launched their Incrementality Index marketing technology and inaugural Incrementality Power Rankings Report at Affiliate Summit East to establish this definitive source of truth.

New Index Measures Effectiveness of Partnership Marketing

PartnerCentric said in a statement that the index was created because the partnership marketing industry "has lacked a unified standard for assessing which affiliate partners, content creators and publishers deliver true incremental growth."

Ahead Of Ga4 Migration Deadline, Partnercentric's Innovative Fuse Technology Overcomes The Affiliate Attribution Challenge

PartnerCentric has made a major breakthrough in affiliate commission automation, which we announced in conjunction with the upcoming Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration deadline. With so many of the Internet's Top 1000 most trafficked websites using Google Analytics, this development is sure to have a significant impact on the world of digital marketing.

What Would a US TikTok Ban Mean for Fashion

Diana Pearl interviewed Stephanie Harris about the topic of what a US TikTok ban would mean for the fashion space in her latest piece for "The Business of Fashion." While the future of TikTok may be uncertain, savvy marketers will test and invest in other channels (YouTube shorts capture a similar audience, for example) and develop backup plans regardless of the decision.

PartnerCentric's Fuse Technology Is Honored For Driving 91% Improvement In Attribution Accuracy For Marketers

Over 44% is the industry average for attribution misalignment. There's a better way to align marketing dollars to create transparency and growth. We are honored our patented FUSE tech was shortlisted at the US Partnership Awards amongst such esteemed finalists to shine a spotlight.

The Manifest Lists The Most Reviewed Agencies In Advertising & Marketing Space For 2022

PartnerCentric was recently recognized as #3 for affiliate marketing by The Manifest's Most Reviewed Company Award. This list honors the outstanding partnerships between service providers and their clients. “Getting their name out in the market is one of the most essential elements to a business' success,” said Clutch Growth Operations Specialist Jamie Kenny. “These awards are an attempt to highlight the teams that provide those elements.” Read more about PartnerCentric's inclusion in this press release.

You’re on a Great Affiliate Network. Now What?

Affiliate marketing is a low risk and high return channel but only if you continuously keep your eye on the prize. Set it and forget it doesn't work here so listen in on our own Adam Dahlen's webinar with Awin to gain actionable takeaways about how you can optimize and grow your program to its fullest despite any economic uncertainties and industry pitfalls.

Stephanie Harris, PartnerCentric CEO, discusses what's different for account managers now

What are the two soft skills that will always be necessary for success in affiliate marketing? Curiosity and savvy. "Whether or not you’re an in-house or outsourced manager, you have to understand the whole business. And, you must know how to best apply that knowledge in a meaningful way." More on how the affiliate channel has evolved (and what that means for account managers) in this spotlight piece from Martech Record's "On the Record," featuring PartnerCentric CEO Stephanie Harris.

Clutch Celebrates New York’s Best Service Providers for 2022

Clutch announces New York’s top B2B firms this 2022. Among the top 10 is PartnerCentric! We pride ourselves on doing everything we can for our clients - and with this ranking, it shows.

CEO Stephanie Harris Joins Podcast Host David Rodnitzky on "Agentic Shift"

In Agentic Shift's latest episode, Stephanie shares her approach to leading a premium affiliate marketing agency. Listen to Stephanie talk about the importance of professional intimacy, measuring speed to value, how to learn from negative feedback, and more on work culture and hiring.

AMPLIFYING Partner Management with Stephanie Harris

PartnerCentric CEO Stephanie Harris joined host Lee-Ann Johnstone on the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. The duo discuss important topics as we move forward in 2022, including why affiliate marketing has become so crucial as of late. Listen now.

Affiliate Marketing Podcast | Hashtag Influencer

The affiliate marketing channel has changed a LOT over the last 20 years. The good news is, much of it has been for the better. Listen in as PartnerCentric CEO Stephanie Harris and BabbleBoxx Founder + INFLUENCER Host Sherri Langburt talk all things affiliate in this episode.

4 Things You Must Consider Before Starting An Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is a high ROI driving channel that connects brands with program partners to increase traffic and sales. However, getting past the noise can be tricky. Marketing Director at PartnerCentric, Alisa Crowley, breaks down the four things you need to know before getting started.

Stephanie Harris, Owner & CEO of Partnercentric, on the Future of the Partner Marketing Industry

PartnerCentric's CEO, Stephanie Harris, gives her insights on how far affiliate marketing has come over the last decade and where it's headed in this piece for the Affiliate Summit blog. Read the full interview for her thoughts on agency/client transparency, leveraging proprietary tools, the future of attribution and more.

PartnerCentric's Tom Rathbone Discusses Industry Challenges and how to Knock Down Barriers

As the former Head of Technology and current VP of Strategic Initiatives at PartnerCentric, Tom oversaw the company transition from a pure service play to platform offerings that integrated cross platform data. Straddling services, product and data while serving industry heavyweights has given Tom unique insight into where the industry is heading and what challenges need to be overcome.

Tech's Human Component: Effectively Managing the Distributed Workforce

"Theoretically, anyone can work remotely with a good internet connection, but I’ve found that it takes the right employee to thrive in a remote setting. Employees who work best remotely possess a 'figure it out' factor. Self-starters are key in any business environment, but they are particularly valuable when working remotely."

PartnerCentric’s Top Tactical Tip for Brands and Partners Post-COVID? Hint: It Involves Sharing and Data

A lot of brands are scrambling to make the best out of what’s left of the year. Some brands have been successful, others are just trying to survive. Impact got on Zoom to talk to Adam Dahlen, VP of Client Success at PartnerCentric, a top performance marketing agency, to ask him for some tactical tips for how you can salvage Q4 and get through the rest of a year that is still filled with uncertainty.

Why Women In Business Need A Voice Now More Than Ever

A 2019 "Women in the Workplace" report by the Lean In organization and McKinsey & Company includes good and bad news. The good news is that over the last five years, the number of women in senior leadership positions in corporate America has grown. The bad news is that women are still underrepresented at every level. In Stephanie's latest Forbes piece, she gives three tips on how women can have a larger voice in their industries.

The Revenue and Demand Gen Channel Most Entrepreneurs Miss

Entrepreneurs and their startups are on an endless hunt for demand gen and revenue, not simply just to make sales, but to expand their market footprint, meet investor expectations, live up to performance targets, and support employee growth. There’s no time (or budget!) to waste with unproven methods and many are not aware of a proven revenue channel from the marketing world playbook that delivers a silver lining: affiliate marketing, where you only have to pay your partners on performance. Check out Stephanie's latest piece on how to get started.

Four Practical Tips For Developing A Remote Workforce

"Theoretically, anyone can work remotely with a good internet connection, but I’ve found that it takes the right employee to thrive in a remote setting. Employees who work best remotely possess a 'figure it out' factor. Self-starters are key in any business environment, but they are particularly valuable when working remotely."

Taking Back Control of Your Online Marketing

"Control Suite is a package of tools that really sprang from the changing needs of our clients,” Rathbone continued. “As COVID hit, the entire industry felt the pressure to operate more quickly and more responsively to the fast-changing behaviors of online shoppers and customers. We saw an opportunity to roll out our newly developed technologies covering attribution control with Fuse, more brand awareness control with TopRank, and the increased content and compliance control our Block & Filter and Content Monitoring tools offer into one package.”

Four Practical Tips For Developing A Remote Workforce

The advantages of working from home for business are obvious: Besides a workforce that doesn't have a stressful commute, you have fewer or lower costs related to leasing office space and paying for utilities and equipment. But there are a number of factors for organizations to consider before becoming remote.

Three Reasons Why Brands Gave up on Affiliate Marketing and How Data and Analytics Is Bringing Them Back

"If you already have an affiliate marketing program in place, it's time to look for opportunities that didn't exist previously. You can't simply rely on trends, seasonality and methods that have worked before. Instead, now is the time to use data strategically to see whether what you are paying publisher partners brings back a return on investment that aligns with what you value."

The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Roadmap: Affiliate Channel Strategies Explained

What is affiliate marketing and why does it matter to an emerging entrepreneur or startup? Stephanie breaks it down and provides three key benefits of the affiliate marketing channel in her latest piece for Young, Fabulous and Self Employed.

Stephanie Harris of PartnerCentric: 3 Non-Intuitive Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Agency

"In the wake of [the uncertainty within this year], I’ve seen an appetite for companies to take risks, to seek new ideas and solutions, and to adapt to new ways of doing things. That is a thrilling opportunity for any marketer — because minds and hearts and wallets are open to new ideas. It is not a time to pull back, it’s a time to lean in." Check out Stephanie's latest interview in Authority Magazine, where she covers three non-intuitive marketing strategies to grow your business through the affiliate marketing channel.

Not your mother's affiliate marketing: Propelling the industry into a data-driven future

Affiliate Marketing is a great channel for business growth. It can help you gain new customers, drive more sales, create awareness for your business and generate traffic and word-of-mouth through relevant publisher partnerships. Check out Stephanie's latest piece in Startup Magazine where she discusses the channel's evolution to the next level, which includes a larger focus on mitigating fraud as well as creating and employing measurable technologies so enterprises never have to wonder if the channel is really driving value for them.

Why affiliate marketing is still an important outreach tool for brands

Not only is Affiliate Marketing a high-ROI driving channel for brands, but it is also an important outreach tool. Check out the latest Enterprise Radio podcast, featuring Stephanie to learn about how our Control Suite empowers brands to gain clarity and control over investment decisions, brand integrity, site traffic and true attribution alignment.

Data and Technology Innovation Driving Transparency, Efficiency in Affiliate Marketing

It’s no surprise that 80% of enterprises in the US utilize Affiliate Marketing to increase market reach and drive revenue. Our own Stephanie Harris outlines three steps brands can take to mitigate ad fraud, stop bad traffic before it reaches their sites and use data-driven marketing to unlock the full potential of their affiliate programs and gain clarity over their investments.

Stephanie Harris on COVID-19 and Why Affiliate Marketing is Viable Right Now

"People, more than ever, needed a way to feel comfortable with what they were spending and what they were getting in return, because the pandemic didn’t stop businesses from needing to continue to earn in [the affiliate] channel, it only accelerated it. But it did make all businesses pause and say, 'how am I going to achieve my goals now that everything’s been turned upside down?' The interest levels in new and innovative solutions is higher than ever before, and our client base has been overwhelmingly positive and engaged with our new technology stack." Thank you to PerformanceIn for interviewing Stephanie Harris about her thoughts on Affiliate Marketing viability now and in a post-Covid world.

The Growing Impact of Performance Partnerships

Thank you to DMNews for featuring PartnerCentric and our VP, Strategic Initiatives, Tom Rathbone, in their latest piece covering the growing impact of performance partnerships.

Three Ways the Industry Can Encourage Speaker Diversity at Conferences

Performance marketing veteran Stephanie Harris, owner and CEO of PartnerCentric, shares three ways the industry can join together to make 2019 the year that female executives can share their thought leadership on stage.

SalesTech Interview With Craig McGlynn, VP Of Revenue At PartnerCentric

"There is more growth required in terms of attribution, to meet the immense advancement of digital marketing. With the continued rise of digital marketing came a desire to understand and measure investment with performance tracking, but this has not yet been fully realized in the industry. It can still be challenging in certain scenarios to offer customers hard numbers and data relevant to their campaigns. Harnessing this level of accurate insight and control can and will be a game changer for the industry..." Thank you to Sales Tech Star for interviewing our very own VP of Revenue, Craig McGlynn. Check out the piece to read more about Craig's thoughts on the future of the space and his role at PartnerCentric.

PartnerCentric Honored As Bronze Stevie® Award Winner in 2019 American Business Awards

PartnerCentric has been honored as a 2019 Bronze #StevieAward Winner in the Online Marketing Campaign of the Year category! This award was given for PartnerCentric's innovative performance marketing campaign run on behalf of a leading retailer of specialty and import goods.

PartnerCentric Recognized as a Woman Business Enterprise by NWBOC on International Women’s Day 2019

We are officially a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) and we are always open for business!

PerformanceIn Top 50 Industry Players from 2018

Our fearless leader, Stephanie Harris, has been named one of PerformanceIN's Top 50 Industry Players of 2018!

How to Establish Strong Partnerships with FinServ Companies

Financial institutions are facing more competition than ever before, especially in the online space. PartnerCentric's finance-focused performance marketing expert, Veronica Brown, identifies six best practices for establishing strong, profitable partnerships in the U.S. finance sector.

Q4 Client Predictions: PartnerCentric

Tracie Gross, Associate Director of Partner Success at PartnerCentric, forecasts what trends she expects for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018, and more.

Partnerize Interview Series: 7 Questions with Stephanie Harris

In the first installment of Partnerize's interview series, Stephanie Harris, Owner and CEO of PartnerCentric, shares her keen insights on the direction of the industry, how partnership is evolving, the role of data, and the future of partnership.

Rakuten Marketing Announces Winners of the 16th Annual Golden Link Awards at DealMaker New York 2018

Thank you, Rakuten, for naming PartnerCentric OPM Agency of the Year at the 16th annual GoldenLink Awards!

100% Remote! 13 Cool Companies to Apply to Today by Glassdoor

Thanks for featuring us, Glassdoor! We love #remotework

3 Critical Insights to Consider Before Choosing the Channel Partner to Represent Your Brand

Ronny Sage, Founder and CEO of ShoppingGives, shares why he has chosen PartnerCentric as ShoppingGives's Exclusive Change Commerce Integration Partner for resale merchants.

PartnerCentric and ShoppingGives Launch Exclusive Integration Offering to Increase Retailer Impact

"Collaborating with ShoppingGives is just one way that we can fulfill our core purpose of building meaningful relationships beyond borders. This partnership uniquely enables us to create real connections between brands and customers and build customer loyalty through charitable giving."

-Stephanie Harris, Owner & CEO, PartnerCentric

Do Remote Workplaces Really Increase Productivity and Innovation?

Thank you to Shama Hyder at Inc. for interviewing Stephanie about how PartnerCentric gets telecommuting right in Inc.! Check out the piece to learn more about how we operate as a remote organization to better serve our team and our clients and let us know what you think.

Performance Horizon Names PartnerCentric, Inc. Its Exclusive U.S. Platinum Agency Partner

We're happy to announce that PartnerCentric has been named Performance Horizon's exclusive US Platinum Agency Partner. As Stephanie said, "We very much look forward to growing our partnership with Performance Horizon in order to ensure that clients benefit from the forward-thinking management and innovative technology solutions that our experienced teams provide."

Video of the Pinnacle Awards at Affiliate Summit West 2018

PartnerCentric is so excited to win an ASW Pinnacle award for 2018 Agency of the Year!

PartnerCentric Gives their Recommendation for a Successful for Q4

AWIN's Q4 Agency Interview with PartnerCentric

The Benefits of a Holistic Learning Experience

“While all of our people have great business experience, we need them to remain on the cutting edge," says Stephanie Harris, owner and CEO of PartnerCentric, a performance marketing agency. “If you want to retain an A player, you have to show that commitment."

Top 100 Affiliate Marketing Blogs & Websites for Marketers

Thank you to Feedspot for featuring PartnerCentric's blog as one of the top Affiliate Marketing blogs on the web.

Industry Champion PartnerCentric Acquired by CEO Stephanie Harris by PMA Member, Tricia Meyer

"It was announced this week that PMA Industry Champion and Outsourced Program Management agency Schaaf-PartnerCentric was acquired by its CEO, Stephanie Harris. Brook and Forrest Schaaf have long been huge personal supporters of the PMA, and the company they started has helped us grow since our early days.

Personally, I have known Stephanie the 13+ years that she has been in the affiliate marketing industry, and it is exciting to see her take on the role of Owner at the newly-renamed ParterCentric. Although you can learn more about the acquisition in the press release, I spent a few minutes asking her some questions about our industry and the PMA specifically." Read the full interview with Stephanie Harris here.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation in Affiliate Marketing

Thank you to PerformanceIN for publishing Stephanie Harris's article titled "Cultivating a Culture of Innovation in Affiliate Marketing." This is a topic that really resonates with our team as we are always striving to find innovative solutions to help our clients succeed. As Stephanie expressed, "After 20 years as an industry, affiliate marketing is nearing - or in - maturation phase. To avoid stagnation and present unique solutions, continuous innovation is key." Read the full article here and tell us what you think.