Close the Attribution Gap with Fuse

Close the Attribution Gap with Fuse

Close the Attribution Gap with Fuse

There is, on average, a 30% margin of error between attribution systems, a significant gap with real and hidden costs to you.

When your internal analytics (Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.) don’t align with the reporting of affiliate platforms and networks, you are left paying for sales in the affiliate channel that you don’t attribute to that channel.

This prevents you from securing additional budget to leverage the channel and from realizing your full ROI.

Fuse is our patented technology that allows you to align affiliate network tracking and commissions with your attribution.

Gain Clarity into Your Investments


Eliminate the reliance on last-touch attribution and apply the model that works best for your business


Reinvest savings with confidence to increase sales and market share


Only pay commissions to publishers on incremental sales that align with your attribution model

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Trust Your Own Analytics with Fuse

With Fuse, You Can:

  • Utilize your analytics to determine spend - you know the value of your traffic
  • Save 36%, on average, and only pay partners for sales that are correctly attributed to the affiliate channel
  • Gain full visibility into all your channels and trust that the money you’re paying publishers aligns with the value you want driven

Check your Alignment with Fuse

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