You can’t get Incremental Growth without an Incrementality™ Index.

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    Are your publishers driving real incremental growth?

    With the Fuse Incrementality™ Index, each publisher is given a clear and actionable incrementality score that shows their ability to drive new customers and incremental sales.

    Are you satisfied with the measurement of publisher performance you are seeing in your reporting?

    PartnerCentric’s Fuse Incrementality™ Index utilizes session-level purchase path data across all channels to determine the true contribution of each publisher. The Index uncovers new opportunities, debunks affiliate marketing myths by eliminating bias, and offers a clear view of each partner’s digital purchase pathway impact.

    Are you stuck measuring publisher Incrementality simply by their category?

    With the Incrementality Index Score Benchmarking dashboard, brands can see how a publisher or vertical type incrementality averages against all PartnerCentric clients. You will no longer need to use a publisher category as a proxy for incrementality.

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    Here’s what our clients have to say

    “PartnerCentric’s efforts have helped increase our sales by over 200% and our leads by 26% over the course of our eight-year partnership. The team is communicative and transparent, and they constantly strive to grow our business. Additionally, they’re a responsive, personable, and caring women-led organization.”

    Teresa Arnell

    Principal Market Manager, VSP

    “The overall results driven by the program have been fantastic. Hats off to you guys for taking a program that we thought had upside and exceeding our expectations through helping foster strong partnerships with high quality publishers. The quality of the traffic driven to has been impressive!”


    Director of Digital Marketing, Sprint

    “I can’t express how much I appreciate the PartnerCentric team’s engagement and support of our account. I’ve been in and around the affiliate business for many years – working directly with the account teams at networks and many publishers. Our account managers at PartnerCentric go above and beyond in providing a level of support and commitment that is unlike anything I have ever experienced in affiliate. With that – all I can say is THANK YOU!”


    Head of Digital, Shoebacca

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