September 7, 2023

Prime Day 2023: PartnerCentric Edition



Prime Day 2023:
PartnerCentric Edition

Amazon stated that July 11, the first day of Prime Day 2023, was the single largest sales day in Amazon company history.

We analyzed our work to determine if we were able to capitalize on the well known cyber shopping day to maximize sales and gain market share for our clients.

Prime Day 2022 was a successful event with a 12% increase in sales for our clients.

22% increase in sales over last year's Prime day event!

We booked strategic placements as well as used competitive deals, exclusive discounts, and limited-time offers to meet and exceed our Prime Day goals.

Our clients that offered Prime Day promotional discounts experienced a 118% higher increase in revenue over clients that did not. These promotions included flash sales of 50% off, $1000 off high end items, and exclusive codes for 30% to 40% off.

90% of the revenue produced for our travel clients came from our content partners. We worked directly with those partners to strategize the right placement and promotion to create a sense of urgency and excitement!



1231% increase in revenue
A very popular boating and fishing retail client participated in Rakuten's Big Stack Event. The loyalty partner saw an increase in revenue of 1231% over last year's Prime Day. Their new client acquisition also increased from 28% to 41% during the Prime Day period.

With our clients experiencing overall revenue growth of 22%, we count Prime Day 2023 as a success! Our account management team went off the beaten path to create fresh, strategic iniatives to ensure all client verticals and publisher types were seen and heard. We look forward to making next year bigger and better.

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