June 26, 2024

Three Things You May Not Know About Influencer Marketing in 2024

The Creator Economy is set to reach $24 billion by year’s end. With such stratospheric growth, you might be wondering how to enter this market and what the barriers to entry are, specifically when it comes to budget and ROI. The perception that influencer marketing is limited to “brand deal or bust” or pay-per-post models is changing. Here are three trends that marketers are capitalizing on right now:

1. Creators as Multifaceted Entrepreneurs

Gone are the days when influencers relied solely on brand deals for income. Today’s successful creators are diversifying their revenue streams. They’re leveraging subscriptions and utilizing affiliate commissions as both passive and active income sources. This diversification not only sustains their income but also enhances their credibility to brands. 

2. Leveraging Affiliate Programs for Continuous Revenue

Affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, expected to hit $36.9 billion by 2030. Influencers see affiliate commissions as a key income source, promoting products and earning from sales.  Furthermore, creators leverage key promotional periods, such as Amazon Prime Day, to further boost their income. During these sales events, they tend to increase their usage of affiliate links, see a boost in their follower count and experience higher engagement. This results in a halo effect, where their more traditional counterparts (shopping publishers) will also see a rise in incrementality. Creating engaging content takes effort, so they often require flat fees or a mix of fees and commissions to cover their work.

3. Navigating the Influencer Ecosystem with Aggregators

Aggregators like LTK, Mavely, Magiclinks, Virality Boost, InfluenceLogic, PartnerMatic, and Collective Voice enable brands to distribute standard offers to a broader group of influencers. These platforms help brands target specific creators for special promotions. Platforms, such as MagicLinks, have proven to bring incremental value to programs.  Success on these platforms depends on investment, with bigger budgets and product gifts typically yielding better results. Advertisers that put the greatest effort into collaborating with their influencer partners saw the highest incrementality value add. 

In the data below, you can see the overall Incrementality scores, as well as Funnel position (where the influencer interacted with the customer) and Customer Acquisition (where the influencer was able to bring on new customers). As expected, the influencers shine when it comes to making brand introductions.

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