October 19, 2016

PartnerCentric Expands on Influencer Marketing Service



Back in June of last year, PartnerCentric announced our influencer marketing service called REACH (Relationships, Exposure, Advocacy, Connection, Hype). We frequently heard from our clients how they'd like to partner with more content sites. REACH was developed to fill this need, by identifying and outreaching to highly influential content sites that target an audience a web retailer is seeking to engage with, and secure placements on their behalf. Since then, our service has evolved!

While the focus of our REACH service still centers around collaborating with content sites (such as blogs, review sites, news magazines, forums) that have a large audience and a strong social following, we have shifted to offering this service to our clients in a more proactive manner. The service has become an additional layer of support for our affiliate account managers that work so hard to expand on our client's content partnership opportunities. Here are some examples of how we now provide content support:

  • Proactive outreach to identify content partnership opportunities, even outside of affiliate relationships, for full service clients to consider without any contractual obligations.
  • An additional layer of support for Schaaf-PartnerCentric account managers with clients that have placement budget for both affiliate and non-affiliate placements.
  • Performance based service fee for placements on non-affiliate contents sites, and no service fee for placements with content sites that are affiliates since this fuels program growth.

And, many of the service features remain the same! Client goals and objectives are clearly identified. Outreach is made to potential influencers and responsive influencers are vetted and partnership recommendations are made to the client. The entire process from placement negotiations to insertion order execution to placement proof are handled by our team. And, tracking a client's KPI's and delivering performance reporting is essential to properly determine the value of the placement. It's also important to note that REACH can still be embraced by any web retailer, not just those serviced by Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s affiliate program management services.

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