September 17, 2016

Holiday Planning: Tips and Tricks To Make Sure Your Holiday Campaigns are Fa-la-la-la-lucrative!

Tracie Gross


It's never too early to plan for the holidays! No matter the budget you have to spend or the promotions you have running, there are ways you can optimize with what you have.  Here are some Tips and Tricks that have worked for me over the many holiday seasons (in no particular order):

1) Utilize Past History

Looking back at years past can help you plan out this holiday season.

Things to look at would be:

  • What promotions performed well?
  • What are key dates you should focus on?
  • What affiliates drove the most traffic/revenue?
  • What placements performed well and/or had a high ROI?  What placements did not?

2) Create a Plan

Now that you have the history, you can create your holiday plan/placements around what worked best and build from there. 

  • Set Your Budget - what is the max you can spend and still hit ROI for the season
  • Affiliate Reach Out -  Reach out to who performed well for you in the past during holiday and review their opportunities. Can you secure the similar placements that performed well in the past?  Ask if they can work on a commission increase or commission increase/flat fee hybrid. Also, what deliverables do they need? Will you be able to provide an exclusive offer for them?
  • New Opportunities - are there any new affiliates you would like to test during holiday or newly productive and you would like to do more with?  If you have budget leftover, this is a good opportunity to test during busy season.

3) Execution is Key

All too many times I've missed a placement screenshot or an affiliate missed placing it or a promo code was not set up correctly.  I've learned my lesson and now track everything in a Google doc and set calendar reminders. And share internally!

4) Post Holiday Analysis

I usually do not wait long to review how the holiday season performed. If there are any wins, I try and carry that into the new year. January is a strong month performance wise!  I also look at the placements that did not perform well and discuss with the affiliate. Do they have any insight why? Was it the promotion? Maybe they can offer a makegood?

Hope this information helps and happy holidays!