March 25, 2019

What Happens When Women Lead

Today more than ever, representation is paramount – in entertainment, in business, in government, in education. When the leaders of tomorrow can look toward those who are forging paths today, we can be confident in our future. This is why on International Women’s Day 2019, we were proud to announce that we are now certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the National Women Business Owners Corporation. This certification is about what we value. It’s a way for us to demonstrate our core belief to our valued clients that empowerment and diversity are essential to the success of any organization.

First, let me say that we are proud to share this accolade with our partners, employees, future clients and fellow female entrepreneurs. This certification is a crowning achievement for PartnerCentric: showcasing the benefits that female business owners bring to all industries, and empowering us as women to continue to break through the barrier to entry and grow our businesses in new strategic directions.

Certifications like WBE and days like International Women’s Day exist to work against the cultural norms and obstacles women face when advancing in their careers. They exist to raise women up to a place where they feel empowered to ask for what they want and deserve. But contrary to popular belief, empowering women leaders is about more than creating a better world for our daughters or encouraging diversity in our leadership.

When we lead with values at the center, we create organizations that are strong, yet flexible enough to address challenges thrown our way. A culture of shared values is the core purpose of our team: it’s an emphasis on building meaningful relationships beyond borders. All of our team members are encouraged to present ideas for growth and innovation within the organization.

Keeping values at the center is how we operate as a remote company, working from locations all over the country, maintaining a close team environment while prioritizing work/life balance. It is those shared values that have provided our organization with continued success throughout the years.

Since joining the company, I have held almost every position in the organization before becoming owner – rising through the ranks from first employee, to CEO, to owner. Now 13 years later, I’ve also become a working mother to four young kids. And while there has been an evolution and growth of our business and my own role and stature in life, I’ve remained committed to leading the organization according to our core purpose and our core values – professional intimacy, improvement, expertise and responsibility.

As a woman-owned and women-led organization, we maintain a fundamental commitment to employing innovative, problem-solving strategies to connect our clients with the best partners beyond the borders of traditional constraints and limitations. It’s with this mindset that we cultivate a workplace that understands every individual, regardless of gender, is juggling equally important but different priorities that include both work and life.

So when you see the WBE acronym by our name – when you see us working and living with purpose – know that you are seeing women lead.

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