February 4, 2020

Bringing Your Optimal Performance to Market with True Financial Agency Expertise

As a service provider in the Financial Services sector, you have an outstanding service offering and you need it showcased in the best possible way. You are constantly striving to ensure that your service is first-rate in your industry, and you maintain the utmost security for your customers through exemplary compliance. At PartnerCentric, average return on advertising spend (ROAS) is $4.68 by the first month across our customers in the financial services sector. The brands in this sector that stick with us for a longer term end up enjoying a ROAS of $9.67. We are the agency that understands the finance sector the best and we will help you not only meet, but exceed, your goals within performance marketing.

At PartnerCentric, we have an advanced technology department to fuel business development for our clients, within which is a dedicated business intelligence (BI) department. In leveraging BI, we are able to enhance your service through rectifying challenges and pinpointing opportunities. Through our computing power and our access to a wide array of data we have what it takes to empower you to bring your superior service to an even larger market of new customers within the affiliate channel.

Our goal is to augment your existing expertise and attention to compliance through our knowledgeable account managers and technology department. Our proprietary Business Intelligence interface is regularly leveraged as a key source of industry information that zeroes in on fraud. This interface evolves to improve its effectiveness and relevance in the face of ever-changing fraudulent activity, which ultimately increases our ability to monitor and flag fraud. This is something that we utilize to enhance your ongoing security practices and allow for even closer attention to be paid to compliance.  

Additionally, within our BI department, we have gathered and analyzed website traffic analytics on a client’s competitors in order to highlight both the strategic areas where our client was lagging and the areas where they were leading within their competitive landscape. This revealed core strengths of our client and these strengths were subsequently enhanced and defended. Key opportunities were also identified through this process, and they were addressed in a more competitive manner in order to allow our client to cultivate their market share. This was all possible due to our access to data and our unique computing power and it ultimately results in our clients’ industry leading services maintaining that standard and position within the affiliate marketing space.

Access to data and perpetual development of analytics can’t be understated, but what truly sets us apart in the financial sector is our extensive knowledge-base. We pride ourselves on having 40 years of cumulative experience in the financial sector. This expertise allows us to implement innovative and tailored solutions for you and your service, and it ensures that there is no friction as you bring your already world class service to a larger client-base in the affiliate marketplace. We are uniquely positioned to become a seamless extension of your team. Together we will strategize and accommodate for implications in both the affiliate space as well as the financial sector.

As the BI Specialist at PartnerCentric, I, too, have prior financial services experience. I previously worked in various analytical positions providing securities services to large asset managers. My former employers were large financial institutions that prided themselves on employing very innovative solutions. The innovative solutions that we are, and have been, leveraging at PartnerCentric most certainly rival any that I’ve previously experienced in my prior positions. I’m eager to put these solutions to work for you to help bring your service to an even larger market.

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