June 17, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of June 17


Forge the Digital Frontier

Many brands are focused on optimizing their digital marketing strategies. But, this expands far beyond marketing “outreach.” Digital leaders know that next-level success rests in a comprehensive digital approach, from buy-in from the C-Suite to an “always on” digital mindset. Good advice from Think With Google for successfully scaling your digital solutions! 

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Where Have All the Followers Gone?

How’s your Instagram engagement lately? Many accounts have experienced a dip. As Later Blog contributor Monique Thomas aptly states, “It’s not you. It’s Instagram.” While Reels is shining as the favorite Instagram child, traditional posts (carousel, single-image, and in-feed video) have been relegated to the shadows. There are other reasons, too. This Later article does a great job of capturing why your engagement is suffering. 

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Starting from Scratch

We love inspirational stories! Anyone who has ventured into business knows it’s a tough road to travel. Some entrepreneurs have had it rougher than others and even had to completely start over. Yet, they didn’t give up! This compilation from Shopify shares six success stories representing founders who refused to give up—and how they did it.

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Influencers’ Place in the Metaverse Space

Are you preparing for the expansion of the metaverse? It’s still a bit of a confusing environment to navigate, but there are some (near) certainties we can predict. Forbes Council Member Tomas Oscar Andrén seems to have a pretty good handle on how influencer marketing will change, including: more immersive brand collaborations, new monetization structures, and the opportunity for virtual influencers. This is good foundational material for anyone who operates in the influencer marketing space.

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Just for Fun: Underwater Coral Reefs in 360

Looking for a shore thing? Take a virtual tour of stunning coral reefs. Don't be shellfish and keep this so-fish-ticated site to yourself! Water you doing! Share it with all buoys and gulls! Okay, I'm done. Just wanted to shell-ebrate the season. Nope, now I'm done…

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