June 10, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of June 10

Woman looking at affiliate marketing agency website on laptop

To Infinity, And Beyond!

For a time, “future proof” was the phrase of the day. While it might seem like a buzz-term, it does have value. Think With Google contributor Allan Thygesen says, “If we’ve learned anything since the pandemic began, it’s that being ready isn’t a feeling; it’s a choice.” Absolutely!! Thygesen shares three key characteristics “future-ready” business leaders have in common. 

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Accelerate Your Digital Maturity

At this point, most brands simply cannot exist without a digital strategy. Not just succeed, but actually exist. Which brings in the concept of “digital maturity.” Not to be confused with digital transformation, digital maturity focuses on the capability to implement technological changes to respond to market conditions (e.g. the pandemic). Entrepreneur contributor Nathan Sinnott notes, “Change is the only constant in such a fast-paced world, so you need to be agile and resilient to face these changes head-on.” Read on for his five ways to do exactly that.

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You Do You (But Also Tell People)

Sometimes, it seems like all the “logistical” parts of running a successful business take priority over solidifying the brand. Understandable! The day-to-day is important, but the long-view is also an essential component. From brand voice, to brand values, to brand story—it all matters. A LOT. Shopify contributor Alexa Collins provides some really good examples of brands that got it “right.”

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Track (and Field) Your KPIs

We all know how important it is to have a social media presence. But, we also know that posting for the sake of posting gets us nowhere! Social Media Today contributor Mark Walker-Ford provides a really handy infographic that covers the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) your brand should be tracking. P.S. - Who doesn’t love a good infographic??

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Just for Fun: Check out these virtual tours of museums around the world

Need something to beat the heat while still providing educational value? Afraid that your kid is thisclose to actually becoming their favorite tv show character? How about a virtual museum tour instead! Check out exhibits at your own pace without ever leaving the house. 

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