July 1, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of July 1st


Affiliate Management Has Come a Long Way. Are You Still Bringing Your A-Game?

The role of an affiliate program manager has changed dramatically over the last two decades. To say the job is more difficult than it used to be is a huge understatement. And, right now, there is a whole graveyard of undermanaged affiliate programs in the space to prove it. Here's some background on how the role has expanded over time (and why you need to expand with it).


Affiliate Marketing Trade Secrets: 5 Tips for Brands to Make the Most of their Affiliate Partnerships

Does your brand's affiliate portfolio have a good mix of content, deal/coupon affiliates, and loyalty, search and conversion optimization partners? A diverse portfolio helps maximize results at every stage of the customer journey, reaches a broader audience, and broadens revenue streams.


Case Study: Leading Maternity Wear Brand Sees an 87% Decrease in Trademark Violations With PartnerCentric’s Trademark Monitoring Tool


Just for Fun: Penguins’ Rock Cam · Tennessee Aquarium

The Tennessee aquarium provides a live cam for their penguins. This is not a drill, folks. Check out their site for more virtual touring opps and enjoy that special brand of zen that only exists when you're watching penguins hang out.