December 2, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of December 2nd


Can You Fix the Friction in Your Affiliate Marketing Program?

Is friction getting in the way of your affiliate marketing program succeeding? When brands decide to pursue affiliate marketing, they do so because there’s an immediate growth need. There’s a clear urgency, and they need this channel to produce a quick result. Unfortunately, logistics and in-house limitations can slow down the process. Is there a better way forward? The easy answer is yes.


Avoiding the Affiliate Graveyard

Have you heard of the “affiliate marketing graveyard?” This is a term we use to describe the phenomenon of affiliate programs that barely have a pulse. They’re under-managed or forgotten programs that stagnate or fizzle, and bring the affiliate channel's full potential down with them. This is why we question everything once believed to be true about our channel.


Protect Your Brand Reputation in the Affiliate Channel

Richard Branson once said, “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” We couldn’t agree more. Believe it or not, a customer's perception of your brand is one of your most valuable assets–period. Not only is it the gateway to converting leads into customers, but it’s also key in turning your customers into advocates who will ultimately shape and grow your business. And that, as you know, is invaluable.

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This leading vitamins and supplements company saw 68% YoY revenue growth in the first year of PartnerCentric management. Through strategic publisher diversification and innovative partnerships, the program additionally saw an average of 15% MoM growth. Furthermore, PartnerCentric grew their retail program by 23% YoY while decreasing costs by 1%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for the brand.