October 14, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of October 13

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Planning for the Holiday Blues 

The holiday season is usually a lucrative time for brands. This year presents a different story, for a number of reasons. A big one is the current and forecasted economic turbulence. Yet, brands aren’t sticking their heads in the sand and just “accepting” the potential for reduced consumer spending. According to this Marketing Dive piece, nearly one-third are planning to increase their promotional activity this season, compared with 13% from 2021—including investing in affiliate marketing. If your brand is facing concerns about a buying dip, what is your plan?


Fighting Black Friday Fatigue

Piggybacking on the above article, it’s important to understand what consumers want from retailers during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping timeline. Something to consider is that a portion of consumers are simply tired of all the BFCM fuss. How can you win them over? Total Retail contributor Charlie Casey shares his thoughts, including the importance of free shipping/free returns and value-based decision-making. 


Weathering Economic Turbulence

Many economists continue to point to the inevitability of a recession. What does that mean for brands and their marketing efforts? According to Forbes Councils Member Dmitry Atamanyuk, a delicate balancing act is required to keep businesses profitable—but that doesn’t mean slashing marketing budgets. He suggests moving forward with strategies such as aiming for long-term brand-building over short-term activations, adjusting the tone of advertising, and diversifying marketing verticals. 


When Channels Collide

“When worlds collide.” That’s how this PerformanceIN piece describes the increasing potential for an affiliate marketing + influencer marketing approach. They say influencer partnerships can drive significant value for brands that are willing to embrace the integration. Namely, by expanding your audience reach and accelerating profitable outcomes. A side note (and benefit) involves the improvements being made to trackable metrics. 


Just for Fun: 4K Cinematic Halloween Ambience 🎃🔥 A night in a haunted house

I made it through 30 whole seconds of this haunted house ambience video but if you are braver than me and/or older than the age of 8, I really do hope you enjoy it. In theory, who doesn't like a thrill from the comfort of their own home or office? I'm sure everyone does. Again, except for me. 



You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”
― Steve Jobs