September 30, 2022

Affiliate Marketing Roundup for Week of September 30

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PartnerCentric’s Block & Filter Tool Blocks and Redirects Fraudulent Traffic For Reporting and ROI Brands Can Trust

Block & Filter is a tool that allows us to screen incoming traffic to publisher websites to redirect and block fraudulent traffic from ever reaching a publisher site. Here is how PartnerCentric's technology tool has benefited clients in decreasing fraudulent traffic so they are left with productive publishers and reporting they can trust.


Stephanie Harris, PartnerCentric CEO, Discusses What’s Different for Account Managers Now

What are the two soft skills that will always be necessary for success in affiliate marketing? Curiosity and savvy. "Whether or not you’re an in-house or outsourced manager, you have to understand the whole business. And, you must know how to best apply that knowledge in a meaningful way." More on how the affiliate channel has evolved (and what that means for account managers) in this spotlight piece from Martech Record's "On the Record," featuring PartnerCentric CEO Stephanie Harris.


Protect Your Brand Reputation in the Affiliate Channel

Richard Branson once said, “Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” We couldn’t agree more. Believe it or not, a customer's perception of your brand is one of your most valuable assets–period. Not only is it the gateway to converting leads into customers, but it’s also key in turning your customers into advocates who will ultimately shape and grow your business. And that, as you know, is invaluable.

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Just for Fun:70 Spooky Halloween Crafts Kids Can Easily DIY for Fun

It's 8 pm. You're relaxing on the couch about to start your favorite murder mystery show when out of nowhere an apparition materializes and it's wearing...bedazzled crocs and informing you about a school Halloween craft project due the next day??!! The key in these situations is not to panic as kids can smell fear. Instead, take heart in knowing that they probably won't procrastinate forever and in the meantime, here are 70 quick and easy Halloween craft projects that are hopefully less painful than said murders on said show. Happy crafting!



With PartnerCentric’s strategic initiatives to continuously optimize and recruit to the program, this long-time eyewear client of over six years continues to reach an average of 22% revenue growth YoY every month.