October 14, 2021

Q4 Not Your Busy Season? 8 Ways to Maximize the Next 90 Days

8 Ways to Maximize the Next 90 Days

Despite widespread supply chain setbacks, foreseeable shipping delays, and anticipated product shortages, retail sales this Christmas are predicted to revert to pre-pandemic patterns. That’s welcome news for retailers as we enter into the so-called golden quarter–and, hopefully, an indication that consumer spending is continuing to make a comeback. 

With that in mind, even if the run-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas is not typically a busy season for your business or industry, the next three months are definitely not the time to phone it in. Instead, consider these 90 days as an opportunity to set up your business for success in the coming year. Here are eight ways to finish the year strong and get in fighting shape for 2022.

1. Think Ahead

Q4 is the perfect time to plan and prepare for your peak season, especially if that peak falls during the first quarter of the year. And don’t forget, late December is ideal for any New Year-focused placements like weight loss programs or fitness equipment. 

2. Test Offers

Use Q4 to test different coupons or discounts on your product or service to determine which offer performs best. You can then use the winning offer as a flash deal during your period to drive sales. 

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3. Find Focus

Have a product or service that performs best in Q4? Awesome. Get busy securing placements in every overwhelmed shopper’s favorite resource: gift guides. 

4. Fill the Need

Q4 consumers are in shopping mode and even if your product is not typically used for gifting, consumers will still buy necessities like vitamins and immunity-boosting supplements if they see a great deal. 

5. Practice Gratitude

‘Tis the season to thank your publishers for all of their efforts with holiday cards, gifts, or free product. Added bonus? These gestures will help keep you top of mind when they’re looking to promote a particular product or service.

6. Build Your List

Partner now with publishers who can capture qualified leads for you to boost your CRM list with new subscribers to reach out to during peak times for seasonal items like swimming pools or do-it-yourself tax software.  

7. Get Out with the Old, In with the New

If you’ve got extra product inventory on hand, clear it out by offering a hard-to-resist low price or exclusive coupon offer. It’s a great way to drive sales and make way for any new product coming into your warehouse.  

 8. Embrace E-gifts

If there was ever a holiday season made for gifts that don’t need to be shipped, this is it. With supply chain issues and worker shortages wreaking havoc on retailers nationwide, no-shipping-required gifts will undoubtedly be in high demand. If your product is an online course or experience, get it placed into every gift guide out there–stat. 

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